About Us

Mad Party Games, founded in 2005, is a board game company based in the Netherlands that strives to create fun party games for people to play around the globe. At Mad Party Games, we constantly improve and adapt to the demands of our customers. 

We are a fresh and innovative company, working in a multicultural environment at the Creative Factory building in Rotterdam. Our company consists of a very youthful team who genuinely represents the same features as our target market. Together, we design, invent and deliver products with unique twists aiming to bring upon the next generation of party games.  

In the coming years, our team is further expanding the range with new types and concepts of party games, providing exciting new ways of bringing people together.

We, at Mad Party Games, never stop creating, and keep on innovating!

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Matthijs de Reus
Creative Director

“I am extremely honored to work with this team, together we create, develop and innovate!
It’s always exciting to bring new games to the market and I’m definitely proud of our four new games this year. Luckily, I know that we are not finished and many more cool

products will arrive very soon.”

Bulent Yildiz
Founder & CEO
Bulent Yildiz
Founder & CEO

“I decided to start Mad Party Games, because most of the games these days are repetitive and dull. Creating something ‘Mad’ for all the board game enthusiasts is my ultimate mission. There should be games which understand and meet the desires of the new generation.
I believe board games should be daring and more inclusive.”

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Luuk Bos

“Making these games has been a tremendous amount of fun and I know playing them will be even more fun. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve made so far and I’m excited to keep creating along with the rest of the ‘Mad’ team. We all go a little mad sometimes and I hope our games can make you even madder.”


To turn every party into a mad one.



Become the maddest party game producer on this planet.