Understand the success behind our best selling game

follows the classic game of ‘Truth or Dare’ in which participants have to either answer a question with the truth or complete a dare. This edition, however, comes with a drinking option in which a third option is offered; taking a shot in case of refusal. In addition to that, the game comes with ‘Go Cards’ which offer assignments directed at the entire group. 

MadWish pro gameboard truth dare drinkin

With the slogan “Don’t hate me, hate the game”, one can already

guess why this game is our best seller. Madwish Pro brings forth the

questions that everybody wants to know but are too afraid to ask, the

dares that make anyone think twice before accepting, and the tasks that

bring forth the competitive side of each participant. The combination of all

different selections make the game unique and the king of ‘Truth or Dare’ games. 

Don't hate me,

Hate the game!


Simple yet engaging, Madwish Pro is capable of turning any party around by bringing out shocking revelations. With 250 original assignments, the bottle roulette in the middle of the board will choose from ‘Truth’, ‘Dare’, ‘Snitch’, ‘Go’ or ‘Shot’, introducing a new creative way of playing the classic game.

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Truth example.png
Go example.png