MADWISH Girls Edition

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This edition of Madwish is targeted at women containing personal questions revolving around female matters. Following the Madwish games with ‘Truth or Dare’ as its main schema. However, this edition comes with a few extra options such as: ‘would you rather’, ‘point out’, ‘lightning round’ (in which the players have to complete fast challenges), ‘go cards’ (which include challenges for the whole group) as well as with ‘take a shot’ option in case of refusal. In the middle of the alluring board, the spin the bottle roulette will decide the players fate (truth, dare, would you rather, point out, lightning, or go). 

Product information

Age: 18+(EU) / 21+(US)

Players: 2-99

Playtime: 30+ minutes

Box dimensions: 185 x 245 x 40 mm

Weight: 660 gram

SKU: MPG3911


- 90x Truth cards

- 90x Dare cards

- 90x Would you rather cards

- 90x Never have i ever cards

- 90x Point out cards

- 90x Cocktail cards

- 1x Playing-board with spinning wheel

- 2x Shot-glass

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