MADWISH Halloween Cards


The Madwish Cards Halloween edition is a pocket version of the madwish games but Halloween themed. Like the other Madwish versions, the game follows the classic came of ‘Truth or Dare’ with a few extra characteristics. There are five types of cards: Truth (player has to answer the question), Dare (person has to complete a specific task), Snitch (player can make up a truth or dare to someone else), Go (participant has to complete an action and everybody else has to imitate; the last one takes a shot), and Shot (player has to take a shot). In this version, the assignments involve Halloween related tasks and questions. 

Product information

Age: 18+

Players: 2-99

Playtime: 20+ minutes

Box dimensions: 91 x 65 x 20 mm

Weight: 100 gram

SKU: 6311


- 56x Playing cards

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