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Mad420 Game rules

How to play

1. Draw the card and read the task that needs to be done by the whole group.

2. The loser of the mini games will have to face a punishment made by their fellow players.

3. When they are a „…" you also could do another thing.


• Prepare your joints before starting the game.

• Order food before you start playing and it will arrive just in time for munchies.

• The game can go fast, so try to keep your weed last.

Explantation Minigames:

• Question-master: No one is allowed to answer your questions during a round. When anybody answers a question of yours they get a penalty

• Hand- master: You raise your hands on 3. You may choose to have one or two hands in the air. If anyone else has the same number of hands in the air, they are out. The last person to stand is the winner.

• Musical joint: You put one joint less than the number of people playing the game in an ashtray or on the table. You turn on the music and when the music stops you have to take a joint as fast as you can. The player without a joint is out. The last player with a joint in his hands can light it.

• Damn 7: Count without the multiples of ... (7). You could also take another number and count without these multiples.

• Eye contact contest: On the count of 3, everyone must look up and look at another player. The players who look into each other's eyes are out. The last two players have to do a staring contest, the winner gets to take the joint.

• One word story: One person says a single word to begin a story. The person to his left says another word, then the next person says another word, continuing around the group. The object is to tell a coherent story, one word at a time.

• Doubling the numbers. You need to double the numbers. You start with 2, the next must say 4, the next 8, the next 16 etc.


Warning Notice: Be advised that people playing MAD420 playing cards are responsible for their own actions while playing. Mad Party Games cannot be held responsible for any damages or accidents that may result from these actions. Enjoy the weed, but be careful not to smoke too much and do not smoke and drive. All rights reserved by Mad Party Games. For more information visit:

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