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KidzWish is the ultimate board game for children, including many different characters to choose from and a variety of challenges to have an entertaining competition. The aim of the game is to collect as many coins as possible and be the richest player in the game. The different power cards will assist the players in completing their goals and get ahead of their opponents. With a big and colourful board, the dice will determine where to go and what to do: bingo round, police, fair, and broken hearts are a few of the many amusing stops. To make matters more interesting, the game comes with the KidzWish roulette that will decide on ‘Mattie Says’, ‘Mattie Does’, or ‘Mattie will’, adding hilarious tasks to the game and guaranteeing a good time for the kids. 

Product information

Age: 7+

Players: 2-8

Playtime: 45+ minutes

Box dimensions: 265 x 370 x 65 mm

Weight: 1380 gram

SKU: MPF4321


- 50x Mattie says card

- 50x Mattie does card

- 50x Mattie will card

- 40x Power card

- 100x Coin

- 8x Pawn

- 1x Playingboard + spin wheel

- 1x Die

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