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MadBus is an updated version of the game ‘Ride the Bus’ in which all players use strategy and a drop of luck to avoid getting into the bus, which is a step closer to getting wasted.

The twist that this game brings is that in the second part of the game, every time you are chosen to take a sip, you receive a bus ticket. At the end of the phase, everyone has to count the amount of money on the tickets and the player with the highest sum gets in the bus.

The game comes with colourful cards and bus tickets that have specially designed characters on them.

Product information

Age: 18+(EU) / 21+(US)

Players: 2-10

Playtime: 15 minutes

Box dimensions: 127 x 104 x 27 mm

Weight: 320 gram

SKU: MPG3001


- 40x Passenger Cards

- 43x Ticket Cards 

- 10x Piramid Cards

- 1x Rulebook