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MadBus follows the concept of the famous guessing game but adds its own twists to it. No strategy will help you win and therefore everyone has an equal chance of losing!


Brace yourself as the challenging MadBus takes you on a ride through 3 phases! The luck driven card game will have everyone struggling to guess cards and avoid drinking. 

Don’t forget your lucky charm as you will need it!

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In the first phase, the players have to collect 4 cards through a guessing game; getting any card wrong, means drinking. The dealer starts the game by asking each participant a question and they have to guess based on the categories shown below if the card that is being drawn by the dealer has a certain characteristic.

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The second phase consists of a pyramid in which the players can ‘screw’ each other and choose the people who must drink, as well as who will get to ride the bus. Whenever you are assigned to drink, you receive a ticket. The higher the sum of the tickets at the end of the pyramid the higher the chance you will end up riding the bus. 

Finally, in the third phase whoever rides the bus has to keep guessing cards and any wrong guess means more drinking. The goal of this phase is to guess all cards in one go to get out of the bus. Wong guess means drinking and starting all over again.

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