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MadPoly combines the elements of a classic board game with an updated version of ‘Truth or Dare’. Each player has to choose a group to start with, ranging from ‘Rappers’, ‘Punkers’, ‘Rastafaris’ and ‘Mafioso’!
The goal of the game is to conquer the streets of MadPoly, become the richest player, and obtain a certain amount of money. The best way to do this is to snitch, steal and outsmart your friends along the way. The players can rely on the 80 different fields and 250 unique assignments, which add special elements to the competition. This option comes with a ‘Truth’, ‘Dare’, ‘Mystery’, and ‘Shot’ roulette in the middle of the board to make the game even more MAD.

Product information

Age: 18+(EU) / 21+(US)

Players: 2-8

Playtime: 30+ minutes

Box dimensions: 370 x 270 x 60 mm

Weight: 1250 gram

SKU: MPG3211


- 125x Truth card

- 125x Dare card

- 50x Mystery card

- 48x Power card

- 8x pawn

- 1x Die

- 1x Game-board with spinning wheel

- 1x Shot-glass