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Madwish Pro follows the classic game of ‘Truth or Dare’ in which participants have to either answer a question with the truth or complete a dare. This edition, however, comes with a drinking option in which a third alternative is offered; taking a shot in case of refusal. In addition to that, the game comes with ‘Go Cards’ which offer assignments directed at the entire group, and ‘Snitch’ which allows the player to create truth or dare to any player. Containing a colourful board with a spin the bottle roulette in the middle, the participants have five possible outcomes: truth, dare, snitch, go, and shot. 

Product information

Age: 18+(EU) / 21+(US)

Players: 2-99

Playtime: 20+ minutes

Box dimensions: 165 x 225 x 50 mm

Weight: 480 gram

SKU: MPG3321


- 100x Truth cards

- 100x Dare cards

- 50x Go cards

- 1x Playing-board with spinning wheel

- 1x Shot-glass

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