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Best Games for The Whole Family

Updated: Jun 4

Spending quality time with your family is crucial, but sometimes just watching TV together or going for a walk just doesn’t do it. Board games are a great way to spend fulfilling time with your family members, relax, have fun, and maybe even feel a little closer at the end. We present to you a list of games you can play and enjoy with the whole family!

1. Monopoly (8+) This staple board game is probably known to everyone, it’s a classic of a family game night. In case you’re not familiar with Monopoly, it’s a strategic game in which you need to buy properties and try to make your opponents go bankrupt while multiplying your fortune. Roll the dice, move your figurine and become the master of the board!

2. MadMobz (12+)

MadMobz is a card game that revolves around the idea of rival mobz. Every player commands a different mob, each with their own house, business, and car. Rip deals, snitches, SWAT teams, gold diggers, hustlers, and other possible obstacles must be dealt with by the players. To win, each player must manage resources and eliminate the opposing mobz. Will you be the next Pablo Escobar?

3. The Game of Life (8+) This board game is exactly what it sounds like – a real-life simulator. Throughout the game, players have to make decisions like what profession to choose or whether to get married and have children. It is a fun board game that will demonstrate to children some options we have to choose in real life and help the parents know their children better. You can be whoever you want!

4. MadSoccer (7+) In MadSoccer, every player will be responsible for their national football team, making sure to tactically defeat the opponents. To win the game, the players must manage their resources and eliminate the opposing team's defenders, midfielders, and strikers.

5. KidzWish (7+) KidzWish is the ultimate board game for children, including many different characters to choose from and a variety of challenges to have an entertaining competition. The game aims to collect as many coins as possible and be the richest player in the game. The fun is guaranteed!

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