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Collaboration with TOUZANI

Updated: Apr 10

Soufiane Touzani is a Dutch-Morocan freestyle footballer from Rotterdam who has conquered the hearts and support of millions of people worldwide. The footballer introduced new tricks and became a pioneer of modern freestyle football, being a reference around the world for the modality. Furthermore, combined with his career as television host, Touzani continues to spread his passion and talent with the world. For him, street football and freestyle is a way to share his primeness, creativity and calibre with others. Adding personal touches to street football, Touzani revolutionized the sport in a way that it will forever be linked to his name. With his own brand, Touzani partnered up with Mad Party Games to bring the new MadSoccer game.

In MadSoccer, every player is responsible for their own National football team, making sure to tactically defeat the opponents. Everyone has team and action cards (including attack, defend, penalty, offside, etc.) with different characteristics, and has to properly and thoughtfully use them in order to win. For the game to end, the participants have to manage resources and eliminate the defenders, midfielders, strikers and goalkeeper of the rival teams. MadSoccer brings together an amalgamation of everything the Touzani brand stands for as an engaging Mad Party Game. With a thought out, simple yet alluring gameplay and design, the game combines a football theme with a card game that everyone and anyone can enjoy.

The collaboration between Mad Party Games and Touzani goes beyond a simple partnership. MadSoccer brings a new and innovative game that anyone can enjoy and indulge in. Together with the Touzani team, Mad Party Games developed MadSoccer to maximize the engagement and make an involving and unique game. With a variety of enthralling action cards, like the Touzani Turn (which turns around the direction of play), the game brings upon the best of what football and card games have to offer.

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