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Girls’ Night: List of 60 drinking game questions for a great game night

Updated: Apr 9

If you and your girls are looking to shake things up on the regular ‘girls’ night’, this list is what you’ve been searching for. With embarrassing questions, reckless dares, funny point-outs, thought provoking would you rather, crazy never have I ever, and Cocktail challenges taken from the hilarious drinking game MadWish Girls Edition, you’ll be able to transform even the most boring evenings into an unforgettable girls’ night. Ready to ask your friends what you've always wanted to know, but were too afraid? This list will give you an excuse to finally do that. But don’t forget to fill the shot glasses, with this list taking a shot may be a favorable option…

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10 Truths to ask your best friends

(Refuse to answer, take a shot)

  1. Whose thoughts would you like to read at this moment?

  2. What is the most embarrassing thing that turns you on?

  3. In your opinion, what is the worst way for someone to propose?

  4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what would you like to change?

  5. Who is wearing the best outfit in the room?

  6. If you have a current partner, do you think they are marriage material? Or were any of your previous partners marriage material? Explain

  7. What was the last lie you told?

  8. Who would be the most annoying and most fun to be in an elevator with out of the group?

  9. If you were a prostitute, how much would you charge minimum?

  10. Was there a teacher you had a crush on? Go online and show them to the group.

10 Dares to make your friends embarrass themselves

(Refuse to perform, take a shot)

  1. Let the player across from you browse your phone for 1 minute

  2. Get blindfolded, feel each player’s bum and guess whose it is. For every wrong answer, take a shot

  3. Connect with a past hookup on LinkedIn or other social media

  4. Cut your own bangs and post a picture on Instagram; #MadWish

  5. Pull up your Google search history and share the most embarrassing search.

  6. Go live on social media and sing the national anthem

  7. Text ‘I’m pregnant’ to the last person you had sex with

  8. Add an ‘engaged’ event on your Facebook

  9. Exchange bras with the co-player across from you

  10. Call a sex club and apply for a job (stay on the phone for at least 1 minute)

10 Revelatory Point Out Statements

Everyone has to raise their hands, and on ‘go’ everyone has to point to the co-player who fits

best the description. The player with most votes takes a shot)

  1. The girl who will probably get married the most times over her lifetime

  2. The girl who is most likely to spend her life savings on clothes

  3. The girl who is most likely to get married to an old, rich guy just for their money

  4. The girl who is most likely to to laugh at a funeral

  5. The girl who is most likely to go on a blind date arranged by their mom

  6. The girl who is most likely to get pregnant on birth control

  7. The girl who is most likely to own an illegal business

  8. The girl who is most likely to smoke weed with her parents

  9. The girl who is most likely to think you’re taking a picture when you’re actually taking a video

  10. The girl who is most likely to end up in prison

10 Thought Provoking Would You Rather

(Answer or take a shot)

  1. Would you rather have the perfect job or the perfect relationship?

  2. Would you rather pay for sex or be paid for sex?

  3. Would you rather mistakenly send nudes to your boss or your parents in law?

  4. Would you rather have no internet or no sex for a month

  5. Would you rather join the army or Greenpeace?

  6. Would you rather sign a vow of silence or a vow of purity?

  7. Would you rather watch your parents have sex or have your parents watch you have sex?

  8. Would you rather not brush your teeth or not change your clothes for a week?

  9. Would you rather look 10 years older from the neck up or the neck down?

  10. Would you rather marry your ex-partner or be imprisoned for a year?

10 Never Have I ever

(Everyone who has experienced what is said, has to take a shot)

  1. Never have I ever gone skinny-dipping

  2. Never have I ever had sex in public

  3. Never have I ever tried to enter the wrong house while being drunk

  4. Never have I ever had sex during my period

  5. Never have I ever been drunk at work

  6. Never have I ever had anal sex

  7. Never have I ever been high around my family

  8. Never have I ever re-gifted a present

  9. Never have I ever lied about seeing my friend’s ex behind their back

  10. Never have I ever photoshopped a picture of myself

10 Cocktail - Mix of Challenges (Lightning, Go or category)

Lightning: Choose between two options in 3 seconds or take a shot

  1. Lightning: Sex or Shopping?

  2. Lightning: Tattoos or piercing?

  3. Lightning: Skydiving or bungee jumping?

Go: Do as you're told, and everyone has to imitate, last to do it takes a shot

  1. Go: Everybody has to touch the bum of the player next to them

  2. Go: Everybody has to take off a piece of clothing

  3. Go: Everybody has to show their bra

  4. Go: Everybody has to give the air a fake hand job

Categories: Everyone has to name something that has to do with the category; the person who fails or names something that is already said, takes a shot

  1. Categories: Romantic movies

  2. Categories: Excuses for cheating

  3. Categories: Reasons to quit a job

Taking shots, answering embarrassing questions, completing provocative dares, with this quirky challenge list you'll have a hilarious girls’ night in with your best friends. Remember, if you don’t want to answer the question, complete the dare, or do the assigned activity, shots up! This will definitely make game night more interesting…

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