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The 5 Best Drinking Party Games for Your Next Bash

Updated: Jun 24

House parties are great, everyone loves them, but sometimes the atmosphere can fizzle out and conversations fall flat. To keep your party lively and energetic, playing a drinking party game is always a good idea. But which game should you play? Forget the basic drinking games you play with regular card decks. Read on and we'll show you five of our best party games that will take your house party to the next level.

At Mad Party Games, we've been innovating and designing the best party games for every occasion for years. Our drinking party games offer a unique spin on both classic and new drinking games, guaranteeing a night you won't forget!

Beer Pong Party Game

Check out some of our favorite drinking party games:

1. MadWish Pro

This is a great icebreaker drinking party game! MadWish Pro follows the classic game of Truth or Dare, where players must either honestly answer a question or complete a dare. However, this edition also gives players a drink option - if they refuse a Truth or Dare, they must take a shot. Additionally, MadWish has 'Go' cards that assign dares to the whole group and 'Snitch' cards that let the player make up a truth or dare for another player.

Buy MadWish Pro here:

2. Truth Dare Pong

Truth Dare Pong combines the two classic drinking party games Beer Pong and Truth or Dare.

The game works almost exactly like Beer Pong, but each cup contains a question the player must answer or a dare they must complete. The red cups have Dares and the blue cups have Truth cards. When someone scores, the opponent must first drink the cup and then do what's on the card. If they refuse, they must take a shot.

The game includes special beer pong cups that accommodate both your drink and the question cards, which also cover your drink and help keep it clean from the (often dirty) ball. This way, you don't have to worry about washing the ball every time you throw!

Buy Truth Dare Pong here:

3. MadWish Girls Edition

This edition of MadWish is one of the best games for a girls' night. The game follows the same Truth or Dare format as the MadWish games, but this edition also offers additional gameplay elements. It includes 'Would You Rather', 'Point to', 'Cocktail' (Lightning, Go and Categories), and 'Never Have I Ever' cards, as well as the 'Shot' option for refusing a question or dare.In the center of the alluring board, the spin-the-bottle roulette will determine the players' fates (Truth, Dare, Would You Rather, Point To, Never Have I Ever, and Cocktail). All in all, this game is perfect for your next night of drinking with your girlfriends!

Buy MadWish Girls Edition here:

4. MadBlox

With the well-known wooden block stacking game in mind, players must remove blocks from the tower without knocking it over. MadBlox adds a twist, as each block has two possible dares that the player can choose from. So, after carefully removing the block from the tower, the player must complete one of the two dares on the block. If they refuse, they must take a shot.

If the tower falls over, the player responsible must take three shots.

Buy MadBlox here:

5. MadWish Playing Cards

This is the pocket version of the MadWish Pro game, based on the Truth or Dare concept. It's the perfect game for on-the-go! Whether you're having a house party at a friend's, going on a road trip, or on vacation, the MadWish Playing Cards are easy to take in your bag or even pockets. Each card contains a different challenge for the player - it could be a truth, a dare, a 'Go' card (with a dare for the whole group) or a 'Snitch'. Just remember you can always refuse to do what's on the card by taking a shot.

Besides playing our version, this card game can also be used for classic card games.

Buy MadWish Playing Cards here:

In short, we have more than enough fun drinking party games in our collection to make your party a 'Mad Party'! Be sure to add these games to your stash before hosting your next house party!


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