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Ultimate 60 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Updated: Jun 20

Based on my last dirty Truth or Dare game, I thought I could share my personal favorite dirty truth or dare questions.

In the past, we have shared some of our truth or dare ideas but I thought let's step up the game! So I collected the 30 best truth and dare questions for people who like to have their games a bit dirty, as I do. Whether you wanna ask these questions to your friends, your crush, or play this game as a couple, MadWish is gonna be perfect for you to have a fun party!

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Dirty Truths:

These are some of the fun and dirty truth questions you can ask:

  1. With whom out of this group do you think you would have a pretty baby and with whom an ugly one?

  2. What do you enjoy more? Slow and tender sex or hot and passionate?

  3. What’s your secret talent in bed?

  4. What is the hottest thing you have ever experienced while having sex?

  5. Who in this room has the best-looking bum?

  6. To whom did you have sex and regretted it afterward?

  7. What is your favorite sexual position?

  8. What does it take for you to have a one-night stand?

  9. Who in this room would you fantasize about while masturbating?

  10. What sexual act arouses you the most?

  11. Have you ever cheated on somebody and if you did, why?

  12. Would you rather have sex on the first date or just a romantic kiss at the end?

  13. Does porn turn you on and when was the last time you've watched it?

  14. Which of your co-players do you think is in for a visit to a swingers club?

  15. What is your favorite type of foreplay?

  16. Describe your ultimate sexual fantasy.

  17. What is the weirdest sexual request you have ever received?

  18. Point out a co-player in this room you would do it with right now.

  19. How many sexual partners have you had the past year?

  20. Name 2 sexual things you're not into.

  21. Tell an erotic story about yourself or one of your friends.

  22. Dominant or submissive?

  23. If you could choose to do anything you would like to do tonight, what would it be?

  24. What is the best time of day to have sex?

  25. Tell the group about your last one-night stand.

  26. Name your favorite places to be touched.

  27. What is your guilty pleasure?

  28. "It turns me on when somebody calls me ....." during sex.

  29. Tell the group about the longest sex session you have had (with whom and when).

  30. What is the most extreme sexual act you have ever performed?

Dirty Dares:

And these are some of the crazy dirty dares we chose for you guys:

  1. Remove a piece of clothing from another player without using your hands.

  2. Lick the earlobes of all the players of the opposite sex.

  3. Bite the tip of the tongue from the player in front of you.

  4. The player on your right gets to touch your bum for 30 seconds.

  5. Go to another room, take a sexy picture and send it to one of your co-players.

  6. Take a body shot, you may choose the person.

  7. Lick the tip of the tongue of the player in front of you.

  8. French kiss the player sitting in front of you.

  9. Kiss the player on your right on the mouth.

  10. Give the player to you right a body-to-body massage (30 sec).

  11. Pretend to have the worst sex ever with the player on your left.

  12. Lick the neck of all the players of the opposite sex.

  13. Kiss the player in front of you on the mouth

  14. Take a pen and paper and draw your penis/vagina.

  15. Give the group your naughtiest look.

  16. Massage the legs of the player on your left.

  17. Look into the eyes of the player on your left and tell him/her: You make me horny/sick/sleepy.

  18. Sit on the lap of the player on your right for one round.

  19. Fake an orgasm, while simulating a sexual position.

  20. Perform a motorboat on somebody. If you are a girl let someone motorboat you.

  21. Give another player of the same sex a big kiss on the mouth.

  22. Take a picture of your bum and share it on social media. (#MadWish)

  23. Take one of your co-players into another room and give him/her a sensual massage. (60sec.)

  24. Seduce the player on your right.

  25. Call a sex club and apply for a job. Stay on the phone for at least 1 minute.

  26. Choose a female player and take off her bra using one hand.

  27. Suck a finger of the player in front of you, of the opposite sex. (15sec.)

  28. The player on your right has to spank you.

  29. Give the player on your right a professional erotic massage.

  30. Get blindfolded. All players have to kiss you and you have to guess who it is. Each wrong answer means a shot.

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