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Ways to Get Drunk Faster

Updated: 7 days ago

Disclaimer! If you choose to drink, drink responsibly at all times. You can easily consume too much alcohol if you drink it too quickly. Alcohol poisoning is a possibility while binge drinking. This poses a significant health danger. Know your own boundaries, and when you see that you're getting too drunk or if you begin to feel ill, take a rest, eat and definitely drink a lot of water. Although drinking alcohol might be a lot of fun, always remember that your health comes first.

Sometimes, during a party or even a festival or event, you may want to get drunk quickly rather than merely drink for fun. And there are a number of methods to do this, from selecting drinks with more alcohol to simply drinking more quickly.

1. Drink Slowly and Relax It does sound counterintuitive but there is a reason for it. It takes a lot longer to get intoxicated when you drink too quickly because not all of the alcohol is absorbed, so it lingers in your stomach for a longer period of time. Pace yourself by sipping from your glass rather than downing a sizable amount all at once. People frequently assume they need more alcohol since they don't notice its effects right away. However, if you drank more slowly, you could prevent having alcohol sit in your stomach and causing morning sickness.

2. Higher Alcohol Percentage Another piece of advice that seems very on the nose is to opt for stronger liquors if you wish to be tipsy sooner. For instance, instead of beer or champagne, you’d be better off with vodka + orange juice.

3. Shots! If you don’t want to mix your strong alcohol with juices and sodas, just take shots! You will probably take bigger breaks between drinks then but shots are the go-to way to get hammered.

4. Don’t Eat As you might know, it’s common to always eat properly before you are planning to drink, and that’s exactly for this reason. Food helps absolve some of the toxins that alcohol contains, and thanks to that you don’t get completely wasted after one or two glasses of wine. So if you want to get drunk quicker, you can skip on the food part or take a smaller meal than you usually would. It does increase the possibility that you will feel sick and will need to empty your stomach faster than usual as well, though. So weigh the risks and decide for yourself.

5. No Cold Drinks Alcohol is continuously absorbed into the bloodstream while drinking, according to a study. However, drinking alcohol that is colder than your body temperature takes longer to reach your stomach and, consequently, your bloodstream. Therefore, it may take longer for alcohol to enter your system and cause you to feel tipsy when you consume cold beer or wine, for example. So, your best bet would be slightly cold or room temperature drinks.

6. Mix Them Drinks It is usually advised to stick to the same drink throughout the evening or, if you do switch, to go from a lower alcohol percentage up. For the purpose of getting drunk faster, you can forego this rule and actually mix your drinks however you’d like. For instance, alternate between shots and beers, and you will definitely feel the toxins hitting more rapidly.

7. Sugary and Carbonated Mixers

It has been proved by various studies that carbonation in sodas facilitates quicker alcohol absorption. As for sugar, alcohol absorption can be slowed down by it because it interferes with the liver's ability to process it. Fruit juices may have the same result as they do because fructose is metabolized by the liver in a manner that is comparable to how corn syrup or table sugar is metabolized (sucrose). So go with mixers such as club soda or cola zero for better results.

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