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Truth Dare Pong is a hybrid of the two classic games ‘Beer Pong’ and ‘Truth or Dare’. The game is set like beer pong but each cup contains a question for the participant to answer or a dare to complete. When someone scores, the opponent has to drink the beer as well as actualize what the card inside instructs. In case of refusal, the player has to take a shot. The game also contains special cups that allow for creative placements as well as keeping the beer clean.

Product information

Age: 18+

Players: 2-99

Playtime: 30+ minutes

Box dimensions: 100 x 215 x 230 mm

Weight: 600 gram

SKU: 5311


- 11x Special designed red cup

- 11x Special designed blue cup

- 33x Waterproof truth assignment card

- 33x Waterproof dare assignment card

- 4x Shot cup

- 3x Ping pong ball

Where to buy

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