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The adult party games by Mad Party Games should be played only by adults aged above the minimum legal age of your country. If you choose to play our games with alcoholic beverages, make sure all participants are older than the allowed minimum legal drinking age of your country. Furthermore, we advise you to be careful and not to drink too much. Do not drink and drive. Do not drink and swim. Consumption of alcoholic beverages influences the ability to drive and/or operate machinery, and cause health problems. Within the next 12 hours after consuming alcoholic beverages, driving and automobile is strictly prohibited. Before playing our games, please consult the label of any medication you are taking to make sure the consumption of alcohol will not cause any problems. According to the Surgeon General, women who are pregnant should not consume alcoholic beverages due to the risks of birth failures. Do not exceed the legal limit of alcohol consumption while playing our games. Be informed that people who play Mad Party Games are responsible for their own actions while playing. Mad Party Games and our partners cannot be held liable for any damage or accidents that may result from these actions. Please read the disclaimer before playing, failure to do so may result in injury or death.

© All copyrights are reserved by Mad Party Games

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