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The Goal of MadPong is to give a new spin to the classic beer pong, adding an extra challenge to the original game and allowing everyone to be involved during every round. 

Similarly to the traditional game, in case someone scores, the adversary has to drink the beer. However, in this version the players also have to complete the command of the cards that are put inside the cups. All players have to imitate the action, and the last player to complete the deed has to take a shot. 

With 33 different actions that will entertain players at all moments during the game.

These range from:

- Doing the Macarena

- Doing a Michael Jackson impression

- Rushing to touch the tallest player

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table targeting the opposing team’s cups. In case the ball lands inside a cup, the defending team has to drink the beer in the cup. This goes on until one team finishes all of the opponent’s cups.


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Truth Dare Pong is a hybrid of the two classic games ‘Beer Pong’ and ‘Truth or Dare’. The game is set like beer pong but each cup contains a question for the participant to answer, or a dare to complete. When someone scores, the opponent has to drink the beer, as well as actualize what the card inside instructs. In case of refusal, the player has to take a shot. 

This version allows for a maximization of the popular game allowing for awkward questions and hilarious dares, keeping everyone engaged at all times.


These include assignments like: 

TRUTH: Tell the last gossip you heard. 

DARE: Play a song by slapping someone’s butt until the song is guessed

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