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10 Best Party Games to Play at Home

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Mostly being able to only have house parties has become our reality over the past 2 years as all the clubs were closed during the pandemic. And even though life is finally returning back to normal, for a lot of people house parties are still more appealing than going out. And sometimes you just want to kick it up a notch – this is when party board games come into play. Here is a list of 10 games you can play at your party to make it more memorable and entertaining.

1. 2 Truths 1 Lie This famous game, though not technically a board game, is a party classic. It doesn’t require any props but it is a great way to get to know each other better, especially if some people from the group are meeting for the first time. Each player has to come up with three facts about themselves, but one of them is not truthful. The rest of the players have to try and guess which fact is a lie.

2. MadKings With MadKings, you'll be able to enjoy the game to the fullest while having the option to get as drunk as you want with over 100 cards, each one combining a creative character with a crazy dare. There are enough cards with diverse tasks for everyone, whether you play it with a small group of individuals or with a large group of strangers at a party. You won’t regret introducing this game to your party!

3. 5 Seconds Rule In this game, you have to improvise fast – but that is the fun of it! Each card has a category, like “things you can’t resist” or “reasons to drink”. You have to name three in 5 seconds or face the punishment.

4. Do or Drink This game has certainly become a hit in party games. Do or Drink is your normal drinking game with cards that contain tasks you have to fulfill, otherwise, you must drink or even quit playing as a consequence! Will you keep fighting for your spot in the game?

5. MadWish Pro Madwish Pro is based on the classic 'Truth or Dare' game, in which players must answer a question honestly or perform a dare. This edition, however, raises the bar. The colorful board in the middle, with the spin-the-bottle roulette in the center, may give you one of five different game options. You don't want to take the challenge or answer the question? Drink up! Also, before you get too tipsy yourself, try to get your friends drunk for a fun challenge.

6. MadWish Girls Edition This game, while similar to the MadWish Pro, is aimed at girls who just wanna have fun. In addition to the questions being adapted to better fit the mood of an all-girls party, there are also new challenges you won’t find in the classic version of the game. For instance, ‘would you rather’ or ‘point out’.

7. MadBlox If you were a fan of Jenga when you were younger, you will love this adult drinking version of it – MadBlocks! The game goes as normal: one by one, players have to get one block out of the tower and put it on the top without dropping the construction. In MadBlocks, there is a twist. Each block comes with two possible challenges for the player to choose from. Thus, after taking the block out, the player has to complete one of the two challenges depicted on the piece. If the player refuses to do so, you guessed it, it’s time for a shot!

8. We’re Not Really Strangers This card game is designed not only for fun but also for strengthening meaningful relationships. Full of deep, thought-provoking questions, it can either be chill or played to win. Even though this game is more suitable for 2 players, it can be played with up to 6 people. Perfect for a small cozy house party!

9. MadMobz MadMobz is a card game based on the concept of rival mobz. Each player is in charge of a different mob, each with their own home, business, and car. Rip deals, snitches, SWAT teams, gold diggers, hustlers, and other possible obstacles must be dealt with by the players. To win, each player must manage resources and eliminate the opposing mobz. It’s always great to add a little competition to the evening with friends!

10. What Do You Meme? This renowned game has been one of the party staples for a couple of years now. The goal of the game is simple: find the best meme from the cards you are given to match the description. Every time your match is the funniest, you get a point. Play this with your friends to finally settle the debate once and for all. Who is the funniest and wittiest of you all?

If you like these games and want to play them at your party, check out all of our games on our webshop!


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