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MadMobz: A Strategic Card Game for Mob Domination


MadMobz is an exciting, rapid-fire card game that challenges players to defeat rival mobs. As the leader of one of 8 unique mob characters, each with their own house, business, and vehicle assets, your goal is strategically targeting and eliminating your opponents' assets before your mob is taken down.  


The game features a variety of action cards with different functions that you must use tactically to navigate obstacles, manage your resources, and ultimately eliminate your rivals. Will you be the last Mobzter standing? Packaged in a sleek matte black finish, the MadMobz card game is the perfect gift for any card game enthusiast looking for an immersive, strategic gaming experience.


Key Features:


  • 8 distinct mob characters to choose from, each with their own house, business, and vehicle assets
  • A variety of action cards with unique functions to be used strategically
  • Requires resource management and tactical decision-making to defeat opponents
  • Compact, portable design in a premium matte black finish
  • Ideal for game nights, and competitive card game enthusiast


MadMobz is a high-quality, strategic card game that will have you and your friends on the edge of your seats as you battle for mob supremacy. Order your copy today and become the ultimate Mobzter!

MadMobz - Card Game

SKU: MPF7221
  • Product information

    Age: 12+

    Players: 2-8