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G-Kamasutra by Mad Party Games is an intimate, couples-focused board game that invites you and your partner to explore the art of passion and sensuality. Inspired by the ancient Indian text, this game combines strategic gameplay with a variety of sensual challenges and romantic activities.

Gather your partner for an immersive, adult-oriented experience as you compete to complete the ultimate journey of intimacy.  Utilize powerful "Confession of Passion" cards to gain the upper hand, but be prepared for the thrilling surprises that await.

With a diverse range of card types and special abilities, G-Kamasutra offers endless game posibility and a captivating challenge for couples seeking to deepen their connection. Develop your skills, surprise your partner, and become the ultimate masters of passion.


Key Features:

  • Intimate, couples-focused board game
  • Variety of card types with unique abilities
  • Employ strategic tactics and outmaneuver your partner
  • Inspired by the ancient Indian text, the Kama Sutra
  • Endless gameplay possibility


G-Kamasutra - Erotic Board Game

SKU: MPE2251
  • Contents

    • Game board
    • 25 Romantic Surprise Cards
    • 25 Cupid Cards
    • 50 Kamasutra Cards
    • 100 Confession Cards
    • 2 Gold Cards
    • 100 Passion Cards
    • Satin blind fold
    • Hour-Glass
  • Product Information

    Age: 18+

    Players: 2

    Playtime: 20+ Min.

    Box Size: 243x243x48mm

    Weight: 496 Gram


    EAN-Code ENG/FR: 8717624700811

    EAN-Code DE/NL: 8719327578025

  • Rules

    Download G-Kamasutra Rules

  • Safety Warning

    Check our Disclaimer

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