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30 Original Never Have I Ever Questions

Updated: Apr 25

Never Have I Ever is one of the most played games at a lot of house parties. If you have not heard of this game, the premise is the following. You read or come up with a statement that starts with “never have I ever” (e.g. never have I ever had a cat). The players who have done it (in this case – had or still have a cat) drink.

We all wanna know the juicy gossip, plus, if you’re playing with the people you don’t know so well, you will definitely feel closer after playing this. To help keep your party going, we have come up with 30 original Never Have I Ever questions.

Never Have I Ever:

1. Used my period as an excuse

2. Re-gifted a present

3. Been drunk at work

4. Been paid for sex

5. Had a friend who was a gold digger

6. Committed a crime

7. Been kicked out of the club

8. Said “I love you” and not meant it

9. Been to a gay club

10. Kissed someone of the same sex

11. Had an STD

12. Stalked my ex on social media

13. Had an open relationship

14. Woken up next to someone I don’t know

15. Had sex with more than 1 person on the same day

16. Done a walk of shame after a one-night stand

17. Had an injury during sex

18. Been fired

19. Had sex with a celebrity

20. Taken revenge on my ex

21. Regretted a one-night stand

22. Had a booty call late at night

23. Farted in front of my lover

24. Gone skinny-dipping

25. Taken someone’s virginity

26. Tried to be vegan

27. Gone on a date with someone I met on social media

28. Turned my head when someone tried to kiss me

29. Been high around my family

30. Had sex in my parents’ bed

If you would like to play more Never Have I Ever and other exciting categories, such as Truth or Dare, or Would You rather, make sure to check out MadWish Pro and MadWish Girls Edition on our webshop!

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