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Unleash Laughter and Excitement with Truth Dare Pong: The Ultimate Party Game


Prepare to push your boundaries and create unforgettable memories with Truth Dare Pong, the hybrid party game that combines the classic mechanics of Beer Pong with the thrill of Truth or Dare challenges.


Break the Ice and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


Truth Dare Pong is designed to help you and your friends break the ice and embrace the unknown. Embrace the thrill of the unexpected as you tackle daring challenges and reveal surprising truths.


Specially Designed for Worry-Free Fun


This game comes with specially designed hexagon beer pong cups and waterproof Truth and Dare cards to protect your drink of choice from the dirty beer pong ball. With 33 Truth cards, 33 Dare cards, 4 shot glasses, and 3 beer pong balls, Truth Dare Pong is the perfect addition to any party, game night, or social gathering.


Unlock an Unforgettable Party Experience


Unleash a night of laughter, suspense, and unexpected revelations with Truth Dare Pong. Break the ice, step out of your comfort zone, and create memories that will have your friends talking long after the party ends.


Don't miss out on the ultimate party game experience - get Truth Dare Pong now and elevate your next gathering!

Truth Dare Pong - Party Beer Pong Game

SKU: MPP5311
  • Product information

    Age: 18+(EU) / 21+(US)

    Players: 2-99

    Playtime: 30+ minutes

    Box dimensions: 100 x 215 x 230 mm

    Weight: 600 gram


    EAN-Code: 8719327578063

  • Contents

    • 11x Special designed hexagon beer pong red cups
    • 11x Special designed hexagon beer pong blue cups
    • 33x Waterproof Truth assignment cards
    • 33x Waterproof Dare assignment cards
    • 4x Shot glass
    • 3x Beer pong ball
  • Safety warning

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  • Rules

    Download Truth Dare Pong Rules