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5 Best Party Games for Pre-Drinking

Updated: Jun 17

Pre-drinking is a fun way to warm up the party and introduce new people to each other. To make it more enjoyable and exciting, here are the 5 best pre-drinking games you can play next time you go to a party.

1. Truth or Drink

You have probably seen your favorite YouTubers doing this challenge and wanted to do the same with your friends. Now you can! With 5 different question categories, you can go crazy and get to know the other players better. Is the question too spicy for you? No problem, just drink!

MadBus Party Drinking Game

2. MadBus

MadBus is an updated version of the party game 'Ride the Bus,' in which all participants use strategy and a little luck to escape getting on the bus, which is one step closer to becoming wasted.

The gimmick in this game is that in the second section of the game, you get a bus ticket every time you are chosen to take a sip. Don’t rely fully on luck anymore, now it is more up to you which one of your friends will get drunk first!

3. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

This game is as simple as it is fun. Going clockwise, take turns drawing a card and follow instructions on the card to determine who is supposed to drink. Be ready to compete, make decisions and mess with your friends in this drinking game!

MadWish Pro Party Drinking Game

4. MadWish Pro

Madwish Pro is based on the old 'Truth or Dare' game, in which players must either answer a question truthfully or perform a dare. This edition, however, takes it to another level.

The colorful board with a spin-the-bottle roulette in the middle might give you one out of five playing options. Don’t feel like performing the dare or answering the question? Take a shot! And try to get your friends drunk before you are too far gone yourself.

5. Truth Dare Pong

If you like the classical ‘Beer Pong’ but would like to spice it up from time to time, Truth Dare Pong comes to the rescue. In the same way as in the original game, if someone scores, the opponent drinks the beer. The participants must also, however, complete the task or answer a question on the cards that are placed inside the cups. The action must be imitated by all players, and the last player to finish the task or the ones refusing to answer have to take a shot, so, this game will get you drunk faster than the original Beer Pong.

Dare cards from Truth Dare Pong

Truth Dare Pong party drinking cups

If that sounds like fun, check out all of our party games!


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