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5 Ways to Avoid Hangover

Updated: Jun 18

We all love partying but nobody likes to deal with the aftermath - cleaning up, untangling your hair, taking off last night's makeup, and, universal to all - hangovers. So here are a few pieces of advice on how you can avoid being hungover or at least minimize the extent of the morning-after disaster.

1. Stick with clear liquors

Fairly enough, not all of us are fans of such drinks as vodka, gin, or white rum. But if you are – try to make them the drinks of your choice. It has been proven that clear alcoholic drinks contain fewer congeners, which are elements linked directly to hangovers. That, of course, does not mean that you can drink all the vodka or gin and not feel the effects the next day – everything in moderation.

Ilustration figure with 2 cocktails

2. Don’t lower the alcohol percentage

It might sound like a fun idea to switch from vodka to beer and back to vodka. That will certainly get you wasted faster and hit harder at the moment but the next morning you will pay the consequences like never before. So, if you do switch your drinks, try to at least not go from hard liquors to light drinks like beer or wine. Begin with low and move on to the higher percentage.

3. Drink! A lot! Of WATER!

It is a cliché repeated over and over like broken tape. Countless research also has confirmed what we have been told by our parents since we started drinking – if you want to decrease the intensity of your hangover, you need to drink water during your night out. You would almost think it’s magic! Well, it kind of is.

One of the main factors contributing to a hangover is dehydration caused by alcohol (have you ever noticed that you go to the bathroom more often when you’re drunk? That’s it!). Hence, drinking some water in between your alcoholic beverages will help retain the water balance in your body and lessen the harmful effects of alcohol.

4. Eat before you start drinking

Ilustration picture holding a stack of pizzas

Even if you are on a diet when planning to drink, treat yourself to something with a lot of calories, like a pizza or a good burger.

The combination of carbs, protein, and fat in greasy foods will absorb the major part of the toxins in alcohol and you will significantly reduce your chances of being hungover the next morning.

5. Get proper rest

Getting a lot of sleep after a night out might not fully prevent you from being hungover, but it will definitely make it easier. Sometimes, what we think of as a terrible hangover is actually a combination of the hangover itself and the fatigue from not enough quality sleep.

So, give your next-day self some relief and get a good night's sleep after you go all in partying. It is also recommended to use a sleeping mask as alcohol has been proven to disrupt the second part of your sleep – the one taking place after sunrise if you go to bed late. So, don’t let your sacred sleep be ruined, and slap on a sleeping mask.

6. Bonus Tip!

Before you even start drinking, put a full glass of water and some paracetamol on your bedside table. You will be more likely to forget to do so after the party, but these two things can be essential the next morning. You’ll be happy you took a minute to prepare before heading out.

Obviously, it is still possible to feel the effects of the previous night even when following all of these steps. However, if you implement even some of them, the next morning you will say thank you to your past self for making it as bearable as possible.

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