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9 Fun facts about Beer

Updated: 9 hours ago

Beer being poored in Red Cups

Beer Pong is a game mostly played at house parties, bars, swimming pools, beaches, parks… well everywhere! We all know how to play beer pong but do you know how this tradition started? Let us tell you some interesting facts. Spoiler alert… In the end, we will reveal more ways how to play beer pong!

The history of beer pong is debatable but here you will find the most accurate information facts about the game.

1. The Origin of Beer Pong

The birthplace of beer pong is at one of the world's most famous Ivy League schools. Yes, you heard it right. They also knew how to have fun instead of constantly studying and pursuing a super-corrupt political career. The birthplace of this popular game is Dartmouth and everything started in the 1950s.

At first, the beer pong table was about the size and shape of a standard Ping Pong table. Like today, on the table were cups filled with beer. The game's objective was to hit the ball into the opposing team’s cups using a ping pong paddle; the team whose cup was hit had to drink everything inside.

2. How Beer Pong Became Popular

After Dartmouth, like plagiarized school papers, it wasn’t long before beer pong spread to other schools. It was more like playing a game of telephone and in 1979, it spread to New England under the name paddle pong. Thankfully, a lot has changed since 1950 in terms of playing the game, ranging from abandoning paddles to expanding the game outside of the Ivy League.

3. There was a Time When Women Couldn’t Play the Game

Women in Shock

When women became more active in political issues, they were allowed to play the game. There are different stories of how women played but one of them is that they would lean over the table to show some cleavage and proceed to make a cup. Also, another way women would play was that they would miss on purpose and ask for another shot, saying they were distracted.

4. The First Professional Brewers were Women

The first professional brewers were women. In ancient Egypt, beer was traditionally fermented by women. But as the economy transitioned from agriculture-based to industry-based, beer became commercial, brewed, and sold mainly by men.

5. The Czech Republic is a Paradise for Beer Lovers

The Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than any other nation in the world. In 2013, the average Czech person drank 147 liters, nearly 40 liters more than any other nationality. In comparison, the average American drinks 76 liters per year, and the average UK resident consumes 67 liters.

6. You can Bath in Beer

2 women getting a bath in beer

In the Czech Republic, there is a beer spa that offers a 20-minute bath in beer brewing ingredients. The company, Chodovar, claims the practice boosts blood circulation, opens up pores, softens the skin, and infuses the body with vitamins. A one-way ticket, anyone?

7. The White House Brews its Beer

President Obama is the first president to ever brew beer on White House grounds. But why did he decide to do that? In an interview, he says that due to the transformation in beer culture over the last 15 years, there are thousands of small breweries popping up all over the country.

Also, people are now brewing beer in their basements all over the place. That is why he introduced this tradition to the White House and they started brewing some of their beer!

8. Athletes are Some of the Best Beer Pong Players!

One of the most famous basketball players Joakim Noah also adores this game and he was playing it poolside at the University of Florida. He had so much fun that he played for two hours which is longer than the normal duration of the game.

9. You can go Pro in Beer Pong

After ten years, The World Series of Beer Pong is the largest, longest-running organized beer pong tournament in the world, created by beer pong players, for beer pong players. 

The event is in Las Vegas with $50,000 going to the winning team. Past events have drawn over 1,000 participants from 45+ U.S. States, 5+ Canadian Provinces, and 15+ countries and have paid out cash prizes over the years pushing the $1 million mark. For sure now you want to become a pro in beer pong, right?

Wait.. we are not finished yet! Below you can see different ways to play beer pong

1. MadPong

MadPong is played like regular beer pong, until someone scores. But the interesting part is that inside each cup there is a challenge that ensures that everybody at your party gets involved! The cups are specifically designed to place the card in them. You can easily get the challenge card out of the cup resulting in clean beer.

The opponent has to perform a challenge, which the whole group has to mimic, resulting in ridiculous and hilarious moments. The last player to perform the challenge takes a shot!

2. Russian Roulette Pong

Russian Roulette Pong allows you to get super wasted fast. First, you fill the barrel up with beer and then spin the bottles underneath it. Remove the bottle it lands on, and if you’re lucky, nothing will happen. But if you’re unlucky, a whopping two liters of beer will be unleashed through the tube and down your throat. Cool huh?

3. Civil War Pong

Civil War can be played by 4 to 6 players playing with their respective set of six glasses. As the name suggests, players divide themselves into two teams and sit facing each other with their glasses in front of them.

The best part of the Civil War is that there’s no turn-taking. Once you get ahold of a ball, you can toss it toward any of your opponent’s glasses.

The game begins when all players toss their respective balls toward the opponent’s glasses.

Civil War requires a player to follow the ‘drink before you throw’ rule. In case you toss the ball into an opponent’s glass, he must first drink. In case you accidentally block an incoming ball, you have to drink one of your glasses. Easy Peasy.

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