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Updated: Jun 17

Mad Party Games Collection Display

Everybody loves a good house party, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with innovative ideas to keep your guests entertained. As you’ll keep reading, you will find the top 5 best party games that will take your party to the next level and make you forget about the basic card games you’re used to.

If you have been reading our previous blogs, you would know that we are trying to get the best out of every one of our Mad Party Games and offer you ideas for your gatherings, but today, we will step up our strategy. Below, you will fine some of our favorite pieces:

1. MadWish Pro

MadWish Pro Party Drinking Game

This is a great game when you are trying to break the ice at your cocktail party! MadWish Pro follows the classic game of ‘Truth or Dare’ in which participants have to either answer a question with the truth or complete a dare. This edition, however, offers the players a drinking option; to take a shot in case of refusal. In addition to that, the game comes with ‘Go’ cards which are assignments designated to the entire group, and ‘Snitch’ which gives the player the chance to come up with a truth or a dare for another player.

2. MadWish Girls Edition

MadWish Girls Party Drinking Game

This edition of MadWish is one of the best games for girls night, and it contains personal questions about girly topics following the MadWish games with ‘Truth or Dare’ as its main format. However, this edition brings a few extra options such as: ‘Would You Rather’, ‘Point out’, ‘Cocktail’ (Lightning, Go, and Categories), and ‘Never Have I Ever’ cards as well as the ‘Shot’ option in case of refusal.

In the middle of the alluring board, the spin-the-bottle roulette will decide the players’ fate (Truth, Dare, Would You Rather, Point Out, Never Have I Ever & Cocktail).

3. MadBlox

MadBlox Party Drinking Game

Having in mind the wooden blocks game, players have to take blocks out of the tower without knocking it down.

MadBlox offers a twist to the game, as each block comes with two possible challenges for the player to choose from. Thus, after carefully taking out the block from the tower, the player has to complete one of the two challenges shown on the block. If the player refuses to do so, they have to take a shot.

In case the tower falls, the player whose fault was it, has to take 3 shots.

4. Truth Dare Pong

Truth Dare Pong Party Drinking Game

Truth Dare Pong is a hybrid of the two classic games of ‘Beer Pong’ and ‘Truth or Dare’.

The game is set like beer pong, but each cup contains a question for the participant to answer or a dare to complete. When someone scores, the opponent has to first drink the beer, and then do what the card says. In case of refusal, the player has to take a shot.

The game contains special cups that offer creative placements for the cards, as well as keeping the beer clean. This way, you do not have to worry about washing the ball every time you throw it!

5. MadWish Playing Cards

MadWish Playing Party Drinking Game

This is the pocket version of the MadWish Pro game, revolving around the ‘Truth or Dare’ concept. It has the perfect fit for road trips, camping get-togethers, and sleepovers where you don’t want to stuff your backpack with a lot of things! Each card contains a different challenge for the player, potentially being a truth, a dare, a ‘Go’ card (which includes a challenge for the entire group), or snitch. Don’t forget that you can always refuse to do what’s written on the card, by taking a shot.

Apart from playing our version, this card game can be used for classic games as well.

Make sure you add these board games for adults to your collection by clicking the link below and we promise you that your party will instantly get to the next level!

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