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Best 420 Games

Updated: Apr 2

If you want to get stoned in a fun way, this blog is for you. We have made a compilation of the best weed-themed games to get your smoking party going. Roll your joints, order some food for munchies and play one of these smoking games!

1. Weed-Opoly Weed-Opoly is a weed board game in which you drive a tractor through a marijuana farm and strive to be the first to reach "End at Stoned" — if you win, you become the Weed-Opolist. With cards asking you to accomplish objectives like "Name 5 slang phrases for marijuana," this 420 game will make you laugh a lot.

2. Cards Against Humanity “Weed Pack” If you are familiar with the classic Cards Against Humanity game, this weed expansion pack will be a great addition to it. It contains 30 new weed-themed cards to diversify the existing selection if you are tired of it. Plus, the profits go to the Marijuana Policy Project.

3. MadKush MadKush is a smoking board game. It has 2 sides to it. You can choose whichever one you prefer or play both ones after another for greater fun. The first side is your classic ‘roll the dice, move the pawn’ weed-themed game. Be the first player to reach the Coffee Shop at the end of the board to win! The other side is more strategic but no less fun. The point of the game is to have all 4 pawns lined up at the end of the board. In MadKush, the board has weed leaves scattered all over telling you when to take a puff. Grab a joint and let’s go!

4. Weed Games for People Who Never Get Stoned (Except When They Do) This smoking card game is a compilation of 35 stoner games and activities that are broken into six categories:

· You’re talking too fast

· Quizzes

· How?

· Yes!

· Way Better

· Improv

Take your chance and complete some or even all of the games in one evening and see which one of you will end up being the most stoned by the end of it.

5. Ganjaland Prepare for an epic journey with Ganjaland - a 420-themed novelty board game in which players explore a wonderful world of fun, adventure, friendship, and, of course, good vibes. Each game contains 8-character pieces, a large illustrated game board, 157 playing cards, a notepad with 2 pencils, an instruction manual, a crown, and 5 photo props. Be the first to enter the castle and wear that crown with pride!

MadKush will be available for a pre-order very soon but for now, don’t forget to check out our party drinking games on our webshop and on your favourite platforms!


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