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Updated: Apr 4

Since the dawn of time, people all across the world have enjoyed playing drinking games (check out First Party Games). Drinking games have accompanied alcohol consumption since man first began to drink it, making the experience enjoyable, entertaining, and novel. Drinking games have discovered a new safe haven with the advent of android phones and iPhones, where they can be accessed with just a touch. Here are some drinking game apps that we think are worth a try!


At the start of the game, players must enter their names into the app. After that, they must follow the directions that are displayed on the screen. This game features a ton of amusing challenges, and you even have the option to add your own to further spice up the gameplay. Picolo is a fantastic game for folks who like a simple and enjoyable pastime rather than one that is overly complicated

Drunk Potato

The company Prodigal Creative LLC created the game Drunk Potato for the iOS and Android operating systems. It's a game that puts a modern spin on the old-fashioned idea of "Hot Potato" and gives you a fast-moving, entertaining experience. This app contains a number of questions that are delivered to you at random, and you must respond to each one as rapidly as you can. Your drinking gatherings with friends will be much more enjoyable thanks to this clever and straightforward game.

MadWish App

The MadWish App combines all your favorite drinking games together. The app includes the craziest Truth, Dare, Never Have I Ever, Would you Rather, Most Likely to, and many more fun game modes in one game. Choose between several versions, like Girls or Summer Edition, to spice up any hangout with your friends. Play wherever and whenever you want. With the MadWish app, all parties are turned into MAD ones!

Circle of Death

It is a conventional card game, but the appeal is in how easy it is for practically anyone to play and how little skill is required. In Circle of Death, you must complete a number of enjoyable and amusing challenges. Some bonus cards even compel players to take certain actions, such as drinking like a T-rex for the duration of the game.

Drink and Tell

A relatively recent drinking game app is called Drink and Tell. After selecting a category, the player reads a question and the possible answers aloud, taps one of the answers covertly, and then hears other players' predictions about the choice they made. After listening to everyone, the player taps the screen to disclose the solution. Everyone who made a mistaken assumption—yeah, right! —has to drink.

Check out the MadWish App on Android and IOS and maximize the fun today!


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