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'Truth or Dare'

Erotic Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

Updated: 1 day ago

Sometimes you want a break out of the monotony and try something new and different with your partner. Well, we’ve definitely got you covered! We’ve decided to compile a list of some of the sexiest and most erotic truth-or-dare questions for you and your partner to enjoy.

Many of these questions come from our game, G-Kamasutra, one of the most sensual adult game out there!

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Erotic Confessions/Truths 🙈🙉

  1. It turns me on when you call me (blank) during sex

  2. What oral sex techniques do you enjoy the most?

  3. Name two places where you would wanna have sex with your partner

  4. What’s a sexual fantasy you’ve always wanted to explore with your partner?

  5. Describe how your partner makes love in three words

  6. Have you ever fantasized about watching your lover have sex with someone else? Or perhaps the other way around?

  7. Which outfit do you think looks sexy on your lover?

  8. If you were to have a threesome, who would you want the third person to be?

  9. What do you enjoy more? Is it slow and tender sex or hot and passionate sex?

  10. How was it the first time you made love to your partner?

Position cards
Position cards

11. Which body part of your partner’s do you enjoy the most?

12. Does phone sex turn you on?

13. When do you feel your sexiest?

14. What’s the most embarrassing sexual experience you have ever had?

15. Do you have a fetish you haven’t revealed to your partner? If so, what is it?

16. Who do you think about when you masturbate?

17. Describe the best sexual experience you’ve ever had with your partner

18. Do you prefer to initiate sex with your partner or do you like it when they take charge?

19. Would you say you’re more dominant or submissive?

20. Is sex better when you’re in love or when the person is unknown and mysterious?

21. Do you like the idea of being seen

* No, not at all!

* It’s rather exciting

* love it, I’m an exhibitionist!

22. What kind of music do you like to listen to when having sex?

And now we’re gonna move on to the more active part of these erotic truth-or-dare adult game.

Erotic Passions/Dares😈

  1. Take erotic and exciting pictures of your partner

  2. Stand against the wall and let your partner search your body

  3. Tease your partner by rubbing ice cubes over their body. Circle the ice cubes around their nipples, belly, inner thighs and private areas

  4. Give your partner a sensual French kiss

  5. Give your partner a hickey in a private place

  6. Turn on some sensual music and give your partner a striptease

  7. Write a short erotic poem for your partner

  8. Whisper naughty fantasies in your partner’s ear

  9. Treat your partner to an erotic show by touching yourself in front of them

  10. With a marker, draw a love tattoo on your partner’s chest/breasts

  11. Rub oil or lotion on your partner’s upper body

  12. Do 5 push-ups on top of your partner

  13. Cover your partner’s body with kisses

  14. Massage your partner’s back

  15. Take a shower together and rinse down your partner with soap

  16. Sing the chorus of a love ballad to your partner

  17. Enjoy your partner in a room where you’ve never had sex

  18. Unzip your partner’s pants without using your hands

  19. Call an escort service and pretend to apply for a job

  20. Lick and kiss your partner’s inner thighs

  21. Tie your partner’s hands and please them orally

  22. When going down on your partner, hum a song to them and make them guess what it is

Check out G-Kamasutra!

If you want to take your erotic truth-or-dare adult game to the next level, you can always check out our game G-Kamasutra. It’s filled with even more of these kinds of questions as well as some interesting sex positions for you to try out ;). G-Kamasutra is also a drinking game, so if you’re not into some of the truths/dares, you could always take a shot and still have a lot of fun!

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