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'Truth or Dare'

List of 60 drinking game questions for a fun game night for men and women

Updated: Jun 14

Here is a collection of 60 drinking game questions for men and women for you and your friends to spice things up during a party. You'll be able to turn even the dullest evenings into a memorable hangout with embarrassing questions, risky dares, and witty point-outs derived from the entertaining drinking game MadWish and the Girls Edition. Don't forget to fill the shot glasses; with this list, it's a good idea to prepare a shot.

10 Truths for Men

(Take a shot if you refuse to answer.)

  1. Describe the worst date you’ve ever had.

  2. Rank your co-players according to how horny you think they are.

  3. What is your favourite type of foreplay?

  4. How many sexual partners have you had in the past year?

  5. Tell the group about the longest sex session you have had (with whom and when)

  6. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while drunk?

  7. What is your sexual fantasy which you still want to try out?

  8. What does it take for you to have a one-night stand?

  9. What is your guilty pleasure?

  10. What have you never dared to tell your parents?

10 Truths for women

(Take a shot if you refuse to answer.)

  1. If you had eternal life, which age would you like to stay?

  2. What is the most illegal thing you have ever done? Describe the situation.

  3. What is the craziest thing you did while being drunk?

  4. What is the most embarrassing thing that turns you on?

  5. How can someone score points with you in bed?

  6. If you were reborn, what decade would you want to be born in?

  7. Describe your worst break up.

  8. What is your favourite porn category?

  9. What is your relationship dealbreaker?

  10. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they?

10 dares for women

(Take a shot if you refuse to perform.)

  1. Swipe all your co-players, who do you think is prudish and who is kinky?

  2. Eat a spoonful of sauce

  3. Do an impression of one of your co-players and make the others guess who it is. If they don’t get it right in 30 seconds, reveal the answer and take a shot!

  4. Lay down on your stomach, keep your hands on your back and try to get up on your feet.

  5. Call a sex club and apply for a job (stay on the phone for at least 1 minute)

  6. Pull up your Google search history and share the most embarrassing search

  7. Message your crush and say that you are really into him/her

  8. You have to curse in English, and then another player has to curse in a different language, and so on and so forth. The player who can’t keep it up takes a shot.

  9. Fill your mouth with water and stare into a player’s eyes

  10. Have a staring contest with the person across from you. The first person to blink takes a shot!

10 dares for men

(Take a shot if you refuse to perform.)

  1. Spill your drink and lick it up

  2. Let a co-player draw a mustache on your face. Take a picture and post it on social media

  3. Have somebody put a post-it on your forehead with an actor’s name on it and guess who it is

  4. Call a friend and ask if he/she wants to join a threesome tonight

  5. Take a body shot, you may choose the player.

  6. Let a co-player put lipstick on your lips without using his/her hands. Take a picture and put it on social media #MadWish

  7. Let the player across you scroll through your phone

  8. Send a player of the opposite sex in this room a sexy and erotic text message.

  9. Message your crush and say that you are really into him/her

  10. Expose a nasty/kinky secret of someone in this group without saying anything, who’s secret it is

10 GOs

(The last person to perform the 'go' must take a shot.)

  1. Everybody has to stand on one leg

  2. Everybody has to throw their hands up in the air

  3. Everybody has to sit on their knees

  4. Everybody has to do a squat

  5. Everybody has to make a funny face.

  6. Everybody has to stick out their tongue

  7. Everybody has to shuffle (dance)

  8. Everybody has to strike a bodybuilding pose.

  9. Everybody has to touch the wall.

  10. Everybody has to hold hands

10 Revelatory Point Out Statements

(Everyone has to raise their hands, and on ‘go’ everyone has to point to the co-player who best fits the description. The player with most votes takes a shot)

  1. The person who is best at flirting

  2. The person who is most likely to get married next (or first)

  3. The person who most likely had the toughest childhood

  4. The person who probably has the most lovers at the same time

  5. The person who is the most likely to laugh at a funeral

  6. The person who is most likely to survive alone in the wilderness

  7. The person who is most likely to be into SM

  8. The person who is the biggest liar

  9. The person who has probably used the most drugs

  10. The person who is trustworthy with your secrets

Answering embarrassing questions, risky dares, Go's, and witty point-outs all make for a great list for a hilarious hangout with friends. Remember that you are taking a shot if you refuse to answer any of the questions or complete one of the dares. This will undoubtedly avoid embarrassing situations and ensure that each of you gets drunk…

Need more hilarious questions? Check out MadWish and MadWish Girls Editions. Many more missions are included in each game!

And to make your life easier, check out our MadWish App! 

There you are going to find 2500+ assignments for any occasion: play with your friends, date, lover, or even strangers!

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