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Updated: Jun 17

Did it ever happen that you were at the party and all the guests wanted to play something but didn’t know what? With MadBlox you will never have that problem again! Having a wooden tower specially designed to put you and your friends in difficulty, your party will never be boring again. Keep reading and find out more about what is hidden behind the tipsy tower.

MadBlox Drinking Game Party Game

Everybody knows the game of wooden tower from which you need to take out blocks without making the tower fall. We all played this game, but somehow never understood what’s so special about it. Nothing new comes up, and essentially, all you need to do is build a tower and hope it does not fall. It is very easy and in revolves around your ability to move slowly and take the right piece out.

But how could we make this game more fun? This was the question that guided us throughout creating our famous game, Madblox.

Party Game tasks found on MadBlox

Wooden Blocks

MadBlox comes with 54 wooden blocks, specially designed to have 2 assignments carefully carved on them.

When a player takes out a block, they have the option to choose between the challenges presented on both sides, search the number on the block in the rules book, and perform the one that’s the most suitable for them.

Shot Glasses

party assignment and shot display from MadBlox

Don’t worry about your friends making fun of you! The game also provides you with 10 special shot glasses that will be very useful when you don’t know whether or not to perform a challenge.

When you have to choose between 2 tasks that you don’t like, you can take a shot, and indicate your refusal. But be careful not to refuse too many challenges, as you will not be able to see the tower as it is.

The whole point of the game is to have the best strategy and not let the tower fall. In case you let that happen, you will have to take 3 shots as a penalty. So, make sure you don’t get yourself into that situation!

This game, MadBlox, is the best option when you want to have fun with your friends and also get drunk fast. Make sure you check it out now available on Amazon:

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