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With more than 3.000
'Truth or Dare'

Party Drinking Game app: MadWish App

Updated: Apr 3

Turn your Party into a MAD one! Enter your names, prepare the drinks, and spin the wheel, if you dare!

Are you tired of lame pre-drinking parties and repetitive drinking games? Then the MadWish App is the best

solution for you!

Spin the wheel, perform the tasks or take a shot! With its 200+ free tasks, fun and laughter are assured. The app includes the craziest Truth, Dare, Shot, Cocktail, Never Have I Ever, Would you Rather, and many other popular drinking games. Choose between several game modes, like Girls or Pro versions, to spice up any hangout with your friends.

You get 120 questions and assignments for free to get your party started. Wanna go all-in and turn your party upside down? Get the full version with 800+ assignments to make you and your friends go crazy at a price of a cup of coffee.

Play wherever and whenever you want. With the MadWish app, all parties are turned into MAD ones!

* Based on the best-seller Truth or Dare game MadWish Pro, which has been played by over 1.000.000 party animals worldwide. Below you can find all the different versions of this party game:

MadWish Pro – The King of Truth or Dare

MadWish Girls – For the Girls’ night out

MadWish Ice breaker – Perfect for First dates

MadWish Couples – Spice up your love life

MadWish Summer – The Summer party starter

MadWish Extreme – Only for Daredevils

Check out the MadWish App on Android and IOS and maximize the fun today!


The best pre-drinking
games in one app!

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