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Most Exotic Strains of Weed

Updated: Jun 17

Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. We've discovered sativas, indicas, and hybrids over this time, with hundreds of different cannabis strains falling into each of these categories. But what makes a strain of weed exotic? True cannabis connoisseurs understand that flavor and smell are the most crucial factors (along with effect). Cannabis smoking is a sensory experience that should not be short-changed by the effects alone. The aroma, the peculiar flavor of the first draw, and even the color of the smoke all contribute to the allure. Additionally, the look of the marijuana plant, buds, or seeds themselves might make a certain strain viewed as more exotic.

Here are the 10 most exotic weed strains in the world!

1. The Malawi Gold strain is at the very top of the list. This strain has it all: a stimulating high, medical applications for pain and anxiety, a stunning appearance, a sweet flavor, and a citrus scent. Malawi Gold users are devoted to this rare marijuana strain.

Malawi Gold

2. Snowcap Strain is popular as well. This strain is a cross between Haze and Snow White. It has a citrus flavor as well, but it gives you a mellow, joyful high. It's a strain that simply makes you feel good.

Snowcap Strain

3. Many consumers choose Bubba Kush because of its high THC content. The high THC content induces relaxation and may help with sleeplessness. THC is the sedative ingredient contained in all marijuana, and the stronger the THC, the more sedative the effect. The THC content in Bubba Kush cannabis strains ranges from 19 to 22 percent.

Bubba Kush

4. Blue Dream has a blueberry flavor and scent, but its huge leaves are bluish in color. The high is strong and immediate at first, but it rapidly fades into a relaxed mood. When the energy high wears off, the relaxation portion helps with pain and anxiety of many kinds. It's also a vintage hybrid.

5. White Widow is on the list because it's a popular choice among individuals who wish to produce their own plants. It grows faster than other strains and is therefore regarded as unique because it is a cross between Sativa and Indica and hence a hybrid with both qualities. With a THC content of 19%, it can survive on fewer than twelve hours of sunshine per day. It deserves to be on the list because of its potential for growth and popularity among home growers.

6. When looking at Jamaican Lion, a CBD-rich strain, the first thing that strikes you is how bright it is. The vivid, almost highlighter-green buds have long orange pistil hairs dispersed throughout and are completely covered with shimmering trichomes. Despite its low THC level, Jamaican Lion is claimed to have modestly uplifting euphoric effects, which work in tandem with the CBD to promote the entourage effect. Jamaican Lion, according to users, boosts creativity without clouding the mind or inhibiting function.

7. The Four-Way Strain has a strong, spicy flavor and scent. It is not for everyone because it has a "skunk" odor. It may, however, effectively relieve pain and anxiety, and as a result, it remains popular, particularly among chronic pain sufferers.

8. Pinkman Goo, one of the most unusual strains, has baffled cannabis enthusiasts all over the world. This one-of-a-kind indica cannabis strain is one of the most peculiar cannabis strains available. This plant is one-of-a-kind in every way, with pink and purple hues that make it a lovely strain to grow. The "goo" that has made the strain famous is also likely the most interesting element of it. Pinkman Goo creates a "goo-like" material (really a resin released from the resin glands) that makes the strain extremely difficult to come by.

9. The Frisian Duck gets its name from its unusually shaped leaves, which resemble duck feet. It's also a hybrid that's popular among home growers because it can be grown outside without being seen because it looks like so many other plants.

10. The name "Super Sour Lemon" says it all. Many consumers love it because it's tart and lemony, and it's especially popular in Colorado. It appears to be favored by Demerits since it has undertones of lime and an earthy aftertaste that persists for hours. It produces a mild high and is popular in Denver and other conservative areas.

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