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National Rum Day

Updated: Apr 11

Today, the 16th of August, a national rum day is celebrated! Join us in this celebration as we tell you more about rum, its history, and modern associations.

Rum example

Rum is a transparent, distilled alcoholic beverage that is produced as a byproduct of the sugar industry. It can also be produced right from the juice of sugar cane. Most rum is aged in wooden oak barrels after being fermented and distilled.

In the US, rum is the third most popular alcoholic beverage. For first and second place, only vodka and all of the whiskeys combined were superior. The spirit is a common ingredient in cool summer cocktails and zesty mixed beverages. So much so, that rum conjures up visions of fruity beverages with brilliantly colored umbrellas and sand between their toes.

Rum, however, also evokes images of sailors and pirates. That's because of how rum was created. In the West Indies in the 1600s, sugar cane was grown on enormous plantations. They produced molasses as a byproduct of sugar extraction. Before it was found that molasses could be distilled and turned into rum, it was used as a waste product for many years. Rum then started to be served as a ration aboard ships carrying the cargo as well as a traded good. Up until 1970, British sailors received a supply of rum, even in the contemporary Royal Navy.

Caribbean rum

Fun facts:

1. The American colonies were subject to a tax on rum, molasses, and sugar in 1764 by the British Crown. The Sugar Act of 1764 was the name of this levy. It played a significant role in the uprising that ultimately led to the American Revolution.

2. The first spirit to be made and distilled for non-medical uses was rum, which is also the oldest alcohol to have been found. The majority of historians concur that the first rum was produced in the Caribbean and West Indies in the 1620s.

View with rum

3. In the 18th century, rum was so highly prized that it was employed in transactions. Initially, English privateers utilized it for trade; as part of their advantages, sailors also got barrels of rum as payment. However, some of these privateers turned into pirates, and as a result, rum was also used as a medium of exchange by pirates. For this reason, pirates have been linked to the sugar-cane beverage throughout history.

4. There is now no international rule that governs the manufacturing of rum; what is permitted in one nation may not be allowed in another. The criteria for which beverages can be categorized as rum have been set specifically for each place where this spirit is produced.


- How many calories does rum have?

- Each 1.5 fluid ounce shot of rum might have between 70 and 110 calories, depending on the brand.

- Is it preferable to serve rum hot or cold?

- Both hot and cold cocktails taste fantastic with rum. The first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly hot buttered rum. Other drinks include rum-infused apple cider and Hot Toddy. But rum also leads the list of components in a lot of cooled and blended cocktails. Tea, rum punch, and rum and soda are typical.

Rum in coffe

- What other holidays are associated with rum?

- National Daiquiri Day and National Pina Colada Day are two examples.

- Does rum go bad?

- A rum bottle should be finished within six months for the greatest flavor.

- Would unopened rum get better with age?

- Spirits like rum that have been bottled do not get better with time. Many spirits do, however, age while they are still in the barrel. Over several years, distillers hone this procedure.

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