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Night Out Ideas

Updated: 12 hours ago

The dinner and drink routine is becoming a little old, but you've been meaning to go out with your friends for a while? This collection of better night-out suggestions was put together to help you have a more fulfilling social experience with your favorite people!

Wine Tasting

Instead of going to a dive bar, make things elegant by attending a wine tasting. Through tastings, you may develop your palate, learn more about the wine-making process, and interact with friends all at once. A good chance that your friends will also agree that wine is great.

two people cheering with a glass of wine


A night out at an arcade I bound to bring back memories from your childhood! Not only is it fun, but also a great chance to get to know your friends even better. As nostalgia hits, all of you will want to share those sweet memories with the group.

Arcade room

Board Games Bar

If you like playing board games as a group but would like to combine it with a night out in a bar, it is more than possible! Look up a local board game café or bar in your city and head there the next time!

People Playing a Drinking Board Game

Go to a Concert

If you and your friends enjoy the same kinds of music, attempt to get tickets to a concert with one of your favorite musicians. This night-out plan can be a touch pricey, depending on the show, but the occasional indulgence is well worthwhile!

Music concert picture

Night at the Museum

Numerous museums now provide "after-hours" events that include DJs, beverages, and open access to some exhibitions. And many museums now welcome visitors from around the world online. Touring The Met while relaxing on your couch with a glass of rosé and your coziest sweats? Sounds like perfection!

Museum Showroom

Night at a Fancy Cinema

You know those cinema theatres that have luxurious soft reclining chairs? Relaxing in those plush chairs while enjoying a movie on the huge screen has a divine quality. These cinemas frequently now provide gourmet meals for a complete dining experience.

Cinema Room

Go on a Booze Cruise

It's likely that you have access to a boat if you live near a body of water. For instance, there are Circle Line cruises that traverse the port in New York City while providing refreshments. Sparkling city lights reflecting off of water have a way of making the night seem truly endless.

Boat Party cruise

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