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Party Trends 2022

Updated: 11 hours ago

2022 looks to be a fantastic and exciting year for partygoers! It is encouraging to note that some fantastic and distinctive trends have evolved despite the challenges many have faced over the last two years. So we have gathered the main party trends that you could choose to follow this year.

Eco-friendly Décor

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about going green and being "eco." But in 2022, especially in the wake of the single-use plastic ban, we can anticipate brands to start taking this seriously.

As consumers demand sustainable solutions, expect to see more inventive textures and materials as well as packaging that is clearly identified as being green. It’s great that the sustainability trend has found its way into the party industry as well!

Hand Made Decoration

Arches, Arches, Arches

Fashion is cyclic, and arches are back in trend again! The simple backdrop has evolved into a complex design known as the arch aesthetic. Cakes, decorations, and other items are increasingly including arches. And the best thing is that there are many ways to make an arch yourself and not spend a fortune on one, so you can follow the trends while also staying within your budget!

Cake decoration
Happy Birthday Decoration

Let’s Do It Again Sometime

As a lot of events and celebrations have been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, 2022 is a big year for do-over parties. From graduation to weddings to anniversaries, all the previously canceled and postponed events are coming back.

Ripple Look Decor

Simply put, this trend is too prevalent to ignore! Whether they are referred to as Roman plinths, ripple plinths, or anything else, this style is currently being applied to backdrops and even cakes! Clearly an interior design-inspired appearance. You won't ever desire a plinth without a texture again!


Do These Go Together?

The majority of people began to have palates that were more open to trying various cuisines as home cooking became increasingly popular during quarantine. Be prepared for an increase in requests from caterers for innovative, distinctive regional flavors. Mobile food sellers, especially those serving fusion cuisine, can serve as an encouragement to try something new. The more original the flavor, the better!

Birthday Candle Statements

Tall candles can go. The modern birthday wish is to light block letter candles that form a sentence. Write the word "happy birthday," the name of the honoree, or another phrase.

Additionally, sparkler candles will be a well-liked alternative in 2022, particularly those that come in shapes, numbers, and letters. Popular for the past couple of years, original birthday candles do not seem to be going away any time soon.

Happy Birthday Candles

Is It a Cake Topper? Or is It a Banner?

Actually, it's both! This year, cake tops will increasingly be adorned with little emotion banners stretched between two dowel rods. Write the guest of honor's name, age, or a message in the writing space.

Cake top banner

Old But Gold

In uncertain and unprecedented times, familiarity is crucial. This year, expect a spike in retro activities including decade parties, kiddie activities, and thrift store décor to take the blast from the past trend to the next level.

Welcome, Everybody!

Once upon a time, a welcome sign on an easel was sufficient. The fashion now is toward a show that is more distinctive. Specifically, suspending the sign from a metal stand as opposed to laying it against an easel. Buying one that you can reuse or even making one yourself would not be a bad idea if you host a lot! Or get one and give it to your friends to use when they throw events.

Welcome ceremony sign

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