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Popular Questions About Gin

Updated: May 11, 2023

In the anticipation of National Gin Day (11th of June), we have gathered the most popular questions about gin and answered all of them so you don’t have to wonder anymore!

When was gin invented? Who invented it?

A Dutch physician who went by the name of Franciscus Sylvius is thought to be the 'inventor' of gin having started prescribing a juniper-based distilled spirit for medicinal purposes in 1550.

How is gin made?

Gin is created by combining juniper berries and other botanicals with neutral grain alcohol to create the fragrant spirit we all know and love. To liberate their flavors, the botanicals are blended into the raw spirit. You can also add different spices, fruits, and floral aspects to the dish to make it more interesting.

What does gin taste like?

Gin has a powerful citrus aroma and a piney flavor, with a hint of mild bitterness. The juniper berry, which is Gin's trademark component, gives it a piney flavor. The use of numerous herbs and lime peels throughout the procedure gives it a sour flavor.

Are gin and vodka the same?

While both gin and vodka are neutral spirits, gin has extra components, such as juniper berries, to give it its distinctive pine flavor, as mentioned before. Gin, in fact, can only be called gin if it contains juniper. The spirit is technically vodka without this. The flavor of the two spirits is likewise vastly different.

Does gin freeze?

Is it possible to freeze gin? Unless you have liquid nitrogen on hand, the short answer is no. Gin does not freeze because its ABV (alcohol by volume) is at least 37.5 percent, which is too high to freeze at the temperatures that a typical household freezer may reach.

What is the best gin for a martini?

The Martini is a classic cocktail that is stunning in its simplicity and capacity to be customized to one's preferences. From London dry to new-school Western to a more citrus-forward flavor profile, there are many different varieties of gin to consider for a well-crafted Martini. Overall, Beefeater is considered the best. For a dry martini, you will want to go with Sipsmith. And if you are in the mood to splurge a little, give Nikka Coffey Gin a try.

Why gin and tonic?

In India, the first G&T was created. Water, quinine, and sugar are mixed together to make a tonic. (The carbonated tonic water was introduced afterward.) When British soldiers intended to take bitter quinine as an anti-malarial during the Raj, they discovered that sugar, water, and gin could make it pleasant. Why do they taste so good together?

The answer lies in the chemistry that underpins everything. The molecules responsible for the flavors in gin and tonic, while distinct, come in two types of chemical structures that are roughly similar. When compared to tonic's quinine, gin has a much wider range of such compounds, but it's the combination that matters and that combination works perfectly!

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