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Popular Questions About Mojito

Updated: Apr 4

Yesterday, the 11th of July, was an international Mojito Day! We have gathered the most popular questions about this beloved cocktail and answered them in relation to it so you don’t have to spend precious time doing the research yourself.

What is a mojito?

White rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, yerba buena (spearmint), and soda are the main ingredients of a mojito. Given the amount of mixer, it is a long cocktail with relatively modest alcohol content.

Who invented the mojito?

There are a couple of different versions of who, in fact, was the first to come up with this cocktail.

According to one theory, a friend of the English pirate Sir Francis Drake created the mojito in Havana after a failed invasion in the 1500s. According to the legend, his crew had scurvy and dysentery, two diseases for which the local native people were believed to have a cure. Men went in quest of assistance and returned with aguardiente, mint leaves, lime juice, and sugar cane juice, which were quickly made into a drink. Soon after, a drink called "El Draque," which had similar components gained popularity in Cuba.

An additional explanation claims that African slaves working on Cuban farms originated the mojito. It is believed that the word "mojito," which means "to cast a spell," was given to the aguardiente mixture by the slaves.

Another theory holds that the renowned Havana bar La Bodeguita del Medio is where the mojito was first created. The bar's proprietors make a lot of advertising noise based on their assertion that their bartenders created the first mojito.

What does mojito taste like?

A slightly sweet, fizzy, mint-lime beverage is how mojitos taste. Since you can't taste the rum, be careful! It is really easy to drink and quite refreshing!

How is a mojito made?

Mojito is a fairly simple cocktail to make. All it requires is soda, white rum, mint leaves, lime juice, sugar or simple syrup, and ice. Basically, all you have to do is just mix all the ingredients together. For a stronger mint taste, you can grind the mint leaves before adding them into the mix.

Is mojito alcoholic? Can mojito be made without rum?

While originally mojito is an alcoholic beverage that is traditionally made with rum, like many cocktails, it has a virgin – non-alcoholic - version. You can just exclude rum from the mix or add extra mint syrup for a fuller taste, to name a few options. Online, you can find a lot of variations of a virgin mojito, choose the one that suits your taste the most.

What is the best rum for a mojito?

It is better to use white rum for your mojito as it provides a cleaner and brighter mojito taste. Some of the best rums for mojitos are El Dorado 3 Years, Plantation 3 Stars, Flor de Caña, or of course, Bacardi.

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