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'Truth or Dare'

Provocative Dares

Updated: Apr 4

Sometimes, when you are playing Truth or Dare, you might feel extra spicy. So, the normal dares just don’t cut it. Of course, you could think of some crazy dares yourself, but to get you started we have compiled a list of provocative dares you can do if you are in that kind of a party mood!

  • Like your ex’s last 3 Instagram posts.

  • Ask your co-players to come up with a rule (e.g. you cannot ask anyone questions till the end of the game). Whenever you break the rule, remove a piece of clothing.

  • Imitate a blowjob on a bottle.

  • Expose a nasty/kinky secret of someone in the group without saying whose secret it is.

  • Seduce the player across from you.

  • Find something sweet to put on your lips, the co-player to your left has to lick it off.

  • Call a friend that is not in this group right now and ask if they would be up for a threesome.

  • Unzip somebody’s pants with your teeth.

  • Go live on Instagram or TikTok for three full rounds.

  • Lick the belly button of the player to your right.

  • Make a kinky group picture with all your co-players and post it online. Tag us @madpartygames if you actually do this!

  • Sit back to back with the player across from you on the floor and pretend to have phone sex for 1 minute.

  • Go outside with your top off and run three circles around a car or tree (a bra can stay on).

  • Choose a female player and take off her bra using one hand.

  • Kiss or bite the bare bum of the co-player to your left.

  • Perform a striptease (your underwear can stay on).

  • Go to another room, take off your underwear and show it to your co-players.

  • Go to another room, record a sexy video and send it to one of your co-players.

  • Go to the neighbors and ask if you can borrow some condoms.

  • Text your parents and ask for sex advice.

For more crazy dares, check out MadWish Pro on the MadWish App on Android and IOS and maximize the fun today!


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