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Romantic Surprise Ideas for Couples

Updated: Jun 17

While the comfort of settling into a pattern with your significant other has some merit, predictability and romance rarely coexist over the long run. Many times, those couch-bound TV marathons and dinners in your workout attire might even begin to erode the foundation of your relationship, turning what was once an electrifying whirlwind romance into a cozy acquaintance. The positive news is it's simpler than you may imagine adding some spice to a situation; all it takes is a romantic surprise, no matter how extravagant.


Here are some ideas for your romantic surprise:

  • Bath for two. Treat your partner to a romantic bath with bubbles and candles.

  • Write your partner a love letter.

  • Treat your partner to a romantic day of their choice.


  • Put together a Spotify/Apple Music playlist with all your partner’s favorite songs or songs that make you think of them.

  • Write your partner a romantic note and put it on their pillow.

  • Organize a romantic picnic.


  • Treat your partner to a romantic evening. Put some cushions on the floor, light some candles, and prepare snacks.

  • Treat your partner to a romantic massage.

  • Take your partner out for dinner in a romantic restaurant.

  • Make a path of candles and rose petals in the direction of the bedroom.

beach picnic

  • Look for your partner a romantic dinner for two. Don’t forget the candles!

  • Make one of their bucket list dreams come true.

  • Pick them up at work with a bouquet of flowers or coffee from their favorite place.

Whatever you choose, keep your partner and their interests and love languages in mind in the first place. Let the romance take over, and make that person you love the most the happiest one on the planet.

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