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Spice Things Up with Naughty Adult Games (virgin edition)

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As a blogger exploring the world of intimacy and relationships, I've discovered some incredibly fun and spicy adult games perfect for heating things up in the bedroom (or anywhere else you desire!). These naughty adult games range from classic party games with a kinky twist, to unique board games and card decks specifically designed to explore your deepest fantasies and desires.

My 20 adult games list

Anonymous guy with his adult game collection

One category is the adult party games like Adult Charades, Dirty Minds, Kinky Truth or Dare, and Adult Loaded Questions. These put a delightfully risqué spin on games you may have played before, swapping out the innocent prompts for steamier, more suggestive ones. They're perfect for letting your inhibitions go at an adults-only game night!

Then you have the intimate adult games created specifically for couples, like The Love is Art Kit, Nookii, Lust! Card Game, and the various "Kama Sutra" games. These erotic adult games provide endless prompts and ideas to explore new intimacies together. From the Bondage Seductions game focused on restraint play, to the Foreplay in a Row game putting a sexy twist on the classic "four in a row" concept - these adult games will definitely add some spice to your love life.

Some of the most unique adult games I've come across are the adult board games like Sexopoly, Bedroom Baseball, and the Ultimate Fantasy Board Game. Much more than just rolling dice, these let you and your partner act out wild fantasies by moving pieces around a board or drawing prompts from a deck. The Monogamy game even promises new adventures for committed couples looking to rekindle their spark.

Of course, you can't forget about the adult games centered around classic bar games and party favorites like Strip Poker Night at the Inventory, Pass the Paddle, and various Naughty Dice games. These put a sexy, strip-tease style twist on the original games we all know and love.

No matter what kind of adult games you're into, there's something out there to cater to your deepest kinks and desires. So go ahead and let loose - adult game night is in session!

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