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100+ Summer Dares

Updated: Jun 19

So long-awaited season is finally knocking on our doors. On the days when a cold beer is the most desirable drink, the sand is soft at your feet, and lowering your body into the water is the biggest relief, we all want to have extra fun. That is why we at Mad Party Games have made a list of summer-themed dares you and your friends can use to make that hot summer day even hotter!

Summer vibes

Outdoor Dares

  • Go skinny dipping in a lake or ocean

  • Camp out in the backyard for a night

  • Climb a tree you've never climbed before

  • Have a water balloon fight

  • Go for a hike and take a jumping picture at the peak

  • Make a mud pie and smash it in someone's face

  • Do 50 cartwheels in a row

  • Catch a fish with your bare hands

  • Build the world's largest sandcastle

  • Sleep under the stars without a tent

Food/Drink Dares

  • Eat an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting

  • Drink a gallon of water in an hour

  • Eat a ghost pepper or extremely spicy food

  • Make a smoothie with weird ingredients like ketchup or pickles

  • Bake something outrageous like bacon cookies

  • Eat a food you've never tried before blindfolded

  • Chug a can of soda or juice as fast as possible

  • Have a whipped cream pie-eating contest

  • Make a sandwich with at least 10 different ingredients

  • Eat a lemon wedge without making a face

Silly Dares

  • Do the sprinkler dance in a public place

  • Howl at the moon like a wolf

  • Attempt to lick your elbow

  • Make up a silly dance and perform it

  • Put on an impromptu comedy show for your friends

  • Make up a new handshake with a friend

  • Sing at the top of your lungs in public

  • Have a staring contest until someone blinks

  • Try to fit as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible

  • Do an impression of a celebrity or character

Active Dares

  • Run a mile as fast as you can

  • Do 100 jumping jacks

  • Hold a plank for 2 minutes

  • Climb up a rock wall or cliff

  • Do cartwheels across a field

  • Somersault down a hill

  • Sprint up a big hill

  • Do push-ups until you can't anymore

  • Have a handstand contest

  • Attempt to do a split

Adventurous Dares

  • Go ziplining or bungee jumping

  • Go skydiving or indoor skydiving

  • Try surfing or wakeboarding

  • Go whitewater rafting

  • Ride a terrifying rollercoaster

  • Go off-roading in a 4x4

  • Try rock climbing outdoors

  • Go on a hot air balloon ride

  • Swim with dolphins or sharks

  • Try hang gliding or paragliding

Skill Dares

  • Juggle 3 objects for 1 minute straight

  • Do a magic trick and don't reveal the secret

  • Play an instrument in public

  • Solve a Rubik's cube as fast as possible

  • Beatbox for 2 minutes straight

  • Do 20 cartwheels in a row

  • Draw a portrait of someone in 10 minutes

  • Attempt to break a world record

  • Learn to say the alphabet backwards

  • Try to recite 100 digits of pi

Creativity Dares

  • Make up a new sport and play it

  • Write and perform an original rap or poem

  • Make up a funny joke and tell it to strangers

  • Design a new product and pitch it

  • Come up with a new dance move

  • Make up a secret handshake with friends

  • Invent a new game and play it

  • Write and perform a funny comedy skit

  • Make up a new holiday and celebrate it

  • Design a new fashion trend

Social Dares

  • Ask someone for their phone number

  • Compliment 10 strangers

  • Start a conversation with a random person

  • Get someone's signature or autograph

  • Do an impression of someone in front of them

  • Ask someone on a date right at that moment

  • Convince a stranger to give you a high-five

  • Get someone's phone number to prank call them

  • Do an impromptu dance with a stranger

  • Trade shirts with someone you just met

Brave Dares

  • Walk on your hands for 20 feet

  • Let a friend cut your hair with scissors

  • Get your head shaved bald

  • Go a full day without saying a word

  • Eat something gross like insects

  • Tell a funny joke in front of a big crowd

  • Get up on stage and dance at a club

  • Jump into a body of water fully clothed

  • Walk across a high place like a beam

  • Let someone put makeup on you

Random Dares

  • Attempt to do a split while singing

  • Bark like a dog at someone and see if they bark back

  • Smell someone's armpit and rate it

  • Put an ice cube down your shirt and let it melt

  • Attempt to open a bottle with just your teeth

  • Do the worm dance move across the room

  • Spin around in circles until you get dizzy

  • Make up a funny new word and use it all day

  • Wear wacky mismatched clothes for a day

  • Make up a funny new holiday and celebrate it


Special Dares

  • Draw one of your co-players in the sand and let the group guess who you have drawn.

  • Pinch the first person you see wearing black swimwear on the ass.

  • Show your naked ass to your co-players.

  • Go to a stranger and ask if you can borrow a condom.

  • Point out a place on the beach where you would like to have sex.

  • Go to a stranger and ask if you may rub their back or arms with sun lotion.

  • Scream “There’s a shark in the water!”

  • Drink a mouthful of seawater.

  • Give a stranger wearing sunglasses a kiss on the cheek.

  • Scream “This is why I’m hot!”

  • hug a stranger.

  • Do a handstand.

  • Take a group picture to remember this fantastic summer day!

  • Go into the water, take off your trunks/bikini bottom, and wave them in the air.

  • Give a co-player of the opposite sex a piggyback ride to the water.

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