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Summer Dares

Updated: May 11, 2023

So long-awaited season is finally knocking on our doors. On the days when a cold beer is the most desirable drink, the sand is soft at your feet, and lowering your body into the water is the biggest relief, we all want to have extra fun. That is why we at Mad Party Games have made a list of summer-themed dares you and your friends can use to make that hot summer day even hotter!

· Draw one of your co-players in the sand and let the group guess who you have drawn.

· Pinch the first person you see wearing black swimwear on the ass.

· Show your naked ass to your co-players.

· Go to a stranger and ask if you can borrow a condom.

· Point out a place on the beach where you would like to have sex.

· Go to a stranger and ask if you may rub their back or arms with sun lotion.

· Scream “There’s a shark in the water!”

· Drink a mouthful of seawater.

· Give a stranger wearing sunglasses a kiss on the cheek.

· Scream “This is why I’m hot!”

· Give a stranger a hug.

· Do a handstand.

· Take a group picture to remember this fantastic summer day!

· Go into the water, take off your trunks/bikini bottom and wave them in the air.

· Give a co-player of the opposite sex a piggyback ride to the water.

For a full summer madness, check out MadWish Summer Edition on our webshop and your favorite platforms!

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