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'Truth or Dare'

Top 30 Truth and Dare questions for Beer Pong

Updated: Jun 17

Truth Dare Pong Party Drinking Game

What is the most exciting game that you always play at parties?Most of you will say, Beer Pong. We completely understand! It’s one of our favorite games as well, but instead of letting you play it in its classical version, we spiced it up a little with our TruthDare Pong game, by adding truth and dare questions in. Keep reading so you can find out what you have been missing and see what this game is all about.

We started this concept by thinking what’s the point of playing beer pong. Most people play it as an ice breaker at parties, and then they keep going until the end of the night. Well, what’s better than adding some questions in the cups so you can also get to know each other while getting drunk?

The point of the game is to score in the opponents’ cups and make them answer a truth question or do a dare. The funny part about this is that you can always refuse to do it, but you need to take a shot instead!

Truth cards from Truth Dare Pong Party Drinking Game


Truth questions have been thoroughly made so you not only struggle to answer, but you also reveal some of your secrets. Let me give you some examples of these spicy truths:

1. What qualities do you look for in a partner?

2. What is your favorite type of foreplay?

3. What animal do you resemble in bed?

4. With whom out of this group do you think you would have a pretty baby and with whom an ugly one?

5. What is the most desperate thing you have done to get laid?

6. Point out a co-player that you would do right now!

7. Whose thoughts would you like to read right now and why?

8. Which one of your co-players do you think is into SM?

9. Marry with your ex or locked up in prison for one year?

10. Where would you never dare to have sex?

11. What is the weirdest sexual request you have ever received?

12. Dominant or submissive?

13. How long do you need to get to know somebody before you have sex with him/her?

14. What is the longest time you’ve gone without sex?

15. Which one of your male co-players do you think has the biggest and which one the smallest genitalia?

Dare Cards From Truth Dare Pong Party Drinking Game


The dares are made in such a way that you will not always be the one that has to perform them alone, but most of the time you would need the help of one of your co-players. So, pick wisely because here are some of the dares you will find in the game:

1. Unzip someone’s pants without using your hands.

2. Change shirts with the co-player across you.

3. Put whipped cream on a co-players neck across you and lick it off.

4. Suck a finger of a co-player across you for 15 seconds.

5. Finish your drink without using your hands.

6. French kiss the co-player across you.

7. Stand against the wall and let one of your co-players frisk you thoroughly.

8. Do a striptease or give a lap dance for 30 seconds.

9. Get blindfolded. Feel everyone’s bum and guess who it is. Each wrong guess means a shot.

10. Play the rest of the game with your top off.

11. Talk dirty to a co-player across you for 20 seconds with your naughtiest look.

12. All co-players have to whisper a secret in your ear.

13. Become a co-players vibrator. Make sounds and moves.

14. Take a body shot. The group decides from who and where.

15. Let a co-player browse your phone for 1 minute.

If you liked the questions and you want to find out what else we have prepared for you in TruthDarePong, make sure you check it out:

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