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Top 5 Best Activities for Drinking

A fun night out with your friends after a long week is something we can all look forward to. Many people choose to get themselves in the right mood before going out by having a drink in town, but let's face it, going out is sometimes expensive enough in itself.

Another good option is to have a drink at home with your friends, this saves money and can be just as fun (if you do it right). That's why I'm giving you the best activities to do while drinking.


1 - Make your own drinks

One of the most fun ways to imbibe is to make new drinks with friends. Choose a few favorite recipes and make your own drinks. This can be a fun way to get in the mood and break the ice before going out.

There are many classic drinks such as: Rum & Cola, RedBull & Vodka, Jagerbomb, etc. Are you in a creative mood? Then create personalized drinks with each person's favorite ingredients. Everyone can make their own drink and share it with the group. This can be a fun and creative way to start the evening.

Looking for good cocktail recipes to try? Check out this list of easy cocktail recipes!

2 - Drinking Games

Drinking games can be a great way to improve the atmosphere and get in the mood. There are many different drinking games to choose from, such as Kings Cup, Beer Pong, Truth-or-Dare and Buses. Choose a game that suits you and start playing. With the right company, a drinking game is always a good idea!

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3 - Sing Karaoke

Karaoke can be a great way to get yourself (and your friends) in the right mood. Sing your favorite songs with friends while enjoying a few drinks. This can be a great way to break the ice and improve the atmosphere.

4 - Organize a theme evening

Organize a theme night with friends and make the party even more fun. For example, choose a country theme and make drinks that match that country. Or organize an '80s or '90s evening and let your guests dress up in neon colors, rough patterns and play the biggest hits from that era. Think of Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna. Create a photo booth where your guests can pose with oversized sunglasses and big hairstyles. serve drinks that were popular in the 80s, don't forget to match the music to your theme!

Another fun theme could be a tropical theme. Organize a tropical beach party in your own home. Create a relaxing atmosphere with beach balls, hammocks and summer music. Serve cocktails and snacks in coconuts and give your guests flower wreaths to wear.

5 - Dining together

A shared dinner with friends can be a great way to get into the mood and start the evening. Cook a meal together and enjoy each other's company before going out. You can also combine it with a wine tasting, if you are a fan of wine. Choose a few different wines and taste them with friends. This can be a fun and relaxing way to get in the mood.

In short, there are countless ways to get in the right mood before going out and improve the atmosphere. Whether you choose to make cocktails, play drinking games, organize a theme night or create personalized drinks, there are many fun ways to start the evening. The most important thing is that you drink in moderation and keep safety first when drinking and going out.

Team Mad Party Games wishes you a lot of fun!

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