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MadBus is the ideal game to screw your friends over and get them drunk! Bring your lucky charm as you will need it!

Want to know how to make them ride the bus? Click here and see for yourself

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About our bestseller

Madwish Pro takes the classic ‘Truth or Dare’ game to a whole new level, with embarrassing questions, funny dares and provocative predicaments. Understand why Madwish Pro is what every party needs to become memorable. 

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The evolution of beerpong

Beer Pong is a classic house party game recognized by its simplicity, yet challenging nature. Mad Party Games introduces a new era for beer pong with ‘MadPong’ and ‘Truth Dare Pong’. Learn how Mad Party Games revolutionized the classic party game.

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Mad Party Games, found in 2005, is a board game company based in the Netherlands that strives to create fun party games for people to play around the globe. At Mad Party Games, we constantly improve and adapt to the demands of our customers. 

We are a fresh and innovative company, working in a multicultural environment at the Creative Factory building in Rotterdam. Our company consists of a very youthful team who genuinely represents the same features as our target market. Together, we design, invent and deliver products with unique twists aiming to bring upon the next generation of party games.  

In the coming years, our team is further expanding the range with new types and concepts of party games, providing exciting new ways of bringing people together.

We, at Mad Party Games, never stop creating, and keep on innovating!