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MadWish Girls Edition
Drinking Board Fun Game

This edition of the MadWish drinking board game,is targeting the ladies, featuring spicy personal questions about girly topics following the traditional MadWish format “Truth or Dare”. However, this edition comes along with three new types of challenges, “Would you rather”, “Point out”, and “Lightning Round”. Spin the bottle and decide your fate. Fail to do so, results in a shot.

The game is designed to add excitement and fun to girls' night and bachelorette parties, with over 500 cards available to keep players entertained all night long.

Truth Dare Pong
Beer Pong Party Game

Truth Dare Pong is a hybrid of the two classic games “Beer Pong” and “Truth or Dare”. The game is set like Beer Pong, but each cup contains a question for the participant to answer or dare to complete. The opposition, if they choose not do what the card says, they take a shot.

The game includes special cups and beerproof Truth and Dare cards to keep drinks clean and protected during gameplay. It's suitable for parties and game nights, and is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and have fun drinking party with friends.

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MadKings Cardbomb.jpeg

Drinking Card Fun Party Game

MadKings is a revamped version of the popular drinking card game, Kings Cup, and is designed to be an easy, mischievous, and interactive game for parties with friends. The game includes two decks of cards with unique assignments being written on the cards themselves, to be completed by each player taking turns clockwise.


The game promises to make parties more fun and get players tipsy throughout the night. Will be a great entertainer in house parties and get-togethers

Weed Board Party Game

MadKush is the perfect game for a party, for people who enjoy smoking weed, while spending time with their friends. Featuring different games on each side of the board, MadKush is the ideal two-in-one boardgame. Get to the coffee shop before everyone else! Or flip the board game to enjoy an amusing, intriguing, and most importantly interacting  dice race mini game, full of interesting stops, such as "Hustler", The "Weed Leaf", all providing a more strategic and competitive approach to the other side of the board game. 

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