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Top 5 Halloween Game Ideas for Parties!

Updated: Jun 20

There's no better way to enjoy the spooky season than with a fun and exciting Halloween Party! Here are some fun game ideas you can play with your friends at your Party.

Top 5 Halloween Game Ideas for Parties! Pumpkin cutting challenge

The fifth entry is a drinking game called "Spin the Bottle" with a Halloween theme. Participants can prepare their strongest drink and pour it into a party cup. Place the cocktails and cups in a circle on the table. In the center, spin an empty bottle. The player the bottle falls on must determine the cocktail's ingredients. If they can name all the ingredients, they win and don't have to finish the cup. The player who fails to guess every component is the loser and must consume the entire beverage.

4. Costume Contest Voting Box

Making a costume contest voting box at home is a fun way for partygoers to judge each other's outfits on Halloween. Leave a pen and paper next to the ballot box so partygoers can vote for the best Halloween costume. If you'd like to encourage your visitors to join or wear nicer costumes at the party, you can add a prize or any other incentive.

3. Pumpkin cutting challenge

There’s no Halloween party without pumpkins. Thus it is almost impossible not to make it into a challenge. Cutting pumpkins for the spooky season was always a part of the Halloween tradition. Yet, some can do it better than others. A pumpkin-cutting competition is the best way to discover the most skilled person! All you have to do is buy or tell your guests to bring a pumpkin for each one of them and start a competition! For the best pumpkin, you can decide on a prize. The worst pumpkin participant has to do a specific task by the end of the party.

2. Halloween Group text scavenger hunt

It would be best if you started a group chat on WhatsApp to play this game. After that, each participant has to snap pictures of anything they notice lying around the house. Next time you meet with all the players, you will determine who will start the game first. The individual in charge of this round must show the other participants what objects they must look for. The scavenger hunt winner is the first person to find the item. It is optional if you want to include a reward for the game's victor. You can restart the game by locating new objects and searching for each person's items once more.

MadWish Halloween Edition

1. Spooky Truth or Dare playing cards

What better way to get people talking at a party than to play the traditional Truth or Dare game?

But hold on, it's not just a game of Truth or Dare. There's also a snitch and a shot card in this game. You must take a shot if you draw the shot card. If you draw a snitch card, you must choose a different player and give them an assignment for truth or dare, or you must let them take a shot. If you choose not to answer the questions or accept the dare, you also must take a shot.

Using the "MadWish Halloween Playing Cards" can prevent embarrassing or awkward moments. It's the best icebreaker for gatherings and parties!

If you don't feel like playing Truth or Dare, you can use the playing cards to play any other game you're familiar with as they are also regular cards.

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