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Unique Festivals of the World

Updated: May 11, 2023

These festivals are convincing evidence that the globe is full of entertaining and eccentric people. This list includes some of the most bizarre and extraordinary occasions that have drawn millions of people from all across the world.

Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival - USA

The Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival is the place to go for all divers and music fans. With the goal of raising awareness for coral preservation, Bill Becker, the organization's founder, coordinator, and music director, elevated music festivals to a whole new level. Since it began more than 25 years ago, the unusual celebration at Looe Key Reef has welcomed hundreds of snorkelers. The event features musician-divers and local artists playing fanciful instruments, together with pre-selected radio playlists, ocean-themed songs, and live streaming from underwater speakers, providing an incredible visual feast for everyone.

Kanamara Matsuri Festival – Japan

This religious festival, which is devoted to all things phallic, offers penis-shaped lollipops, novelty penis glasses, enormous penis statues, penis-themed trinkets, workshops for cutting phallic vegetables, and many other enjoyable activities.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Kanamara Matsuri to celebrate fertility and childbirth and to pray for protection against STDs. The event brings in a lot of money, and the majority of the earnings support urgently needed research into HIV and AIDS.

Mohácsi Busójárás - Winter Scareaway Festival – Hungary

Hungary's wildest festival is called Busójárás. The boisterous carnival, which combines pagan rituals, folk dancing, and demonic masks, is conducted in the small Hungarian town of Mohács to frighten out the remainder of winter. It is also considered to be a celebration of the Croatian minority in the area. During the festival, hundreds of busós (locals dressed in ominous masks) arrive in rowboats to march through the streets behind horse-drawn carriages in a recreation of the Battle of Mohacs in the sixteenth century. In addition to the main celebration, there are several interactive themed events to take part in. To combat the winter weather, there will be plenty of spiced wine and pálinka (traditional fruit brandy).

World El Colacho - Spain

A fusion of pagan and catholic rituals intended to symbolize the victory of good over evil. During the celebration, "devils" in red and yellow masks prowl the streets, cursing at the locals and whipping them with a horsetail on a stick.

On mattresses on the street, babies born the year before are laid while the costumed men leap over them. It is thought that the devil absorbs the babies' sins in this form of baptism, protecting them from illness and bad luck. Along with criticizing Colacho, onlookers will line the streets in an effort to fend against their own bad fortune in the next year. The babies are then showered in rose petals and immediately taken home by their parents.

Golden Retriever Festival - Scotland

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland organizes the event, which takes place at the breed's historical home. A similar celebration was originally organized by the club in 2006 to mark the 50th anniversary of the group. This simply looks like the happiest place on Earth to be!

Lopburi Monkey Banquet – Thailand

A local businessman's inspiration helped launch the monkey banquet event in the 1980s. His plan was to give the monkeys a buffet of fruit and food as a token of appreciation for the primates' contribution to the town's much-needed tourism income. Over the years, the event has increased in scope, and thousands of domestic and international tourists visit Lopburi to take part in the monkey meal and related celebrations.

The International Highline Meeting Festival – Italy

There are 18 lines totaling a total of 300 feet in length during the International Highline Meeting Festival, along with competitions, films, and courses in acroyoga. On hammocks, hundreds of feet above the Italian Alps, some of the guests spend most of their time. The weight of every person on the line at once can be supported by a customized highline setup that has been rigged. Numerous courageous individuals who enjoy mountains and the rush of being very high up attend this festival.

It takes place every year. In the rope, which has a little flattened shape and slack that can move side to side or bounce, you can experience tightrope walking.

These festivals definitely seem like they should be added to your bucket list!

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