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What drinking games to play? The creative process of Mad Party Games

Updated: Jun 17

Drinking Games Collection

Mad Party games integrated drinking game elements into classic board games or created new drinking game versions of popular titles such as the classic Truth or Dare game, Jenga, and Monopoly but also re-inventing drinking games and giving a special twist to games like Beer Pong and King’s Cup

Drinking Games for Board Game Nights

Adding a drinking game element can take game nights to a new level of fun and excitement for those who love the friendly competition of board games. This blog post will explore creative ways to incorporate drinking into classic board games or develop entirely new drinking game versions of popular titles based on the Mad Party Games' expertise.

Boozy Twists on Classic Games

Take a beloved board game like Monopoly and add a drinking game rule, such as taking a sip every time you land on a specific property or have to pay rent. The company recognized the potential of this idea and that is how the name MadPoly appeared.

MadPoly Drinking Game Board Game

They meticulously designed components, rulebooks, and custom game pieces to bring their unique drinking games concept to life. With MadPoly's official release, Mad Party Games had successfully bottled that wild, carefree energy of college game nights into an accessible party game experience.

While just the first of many innovative drinking games offerings, MadPoly represents the humble origins and willingness to embrace unexpected fun that kicked off Mad Party Games' journey.

They crafted an instantly iconic hit in the drinking games space by combining classic gameplay with boozy twists.

MadBlox mini drinking games

Another beloved classic game is Jenga, the creators at Mad Party Games accidentally knocked over a tower of beer cans. This drunken accident sparked an epiphany - the start of a new ingenious drinking games concept called MadBlox.

Over the ensuing weeks, the team meticulously developed MadBlox into an uncontrollable, Jenga-inspired experience perfectly catered to their audience of drinking games fanatics.

They crafted oversized, vibrant blocks inscribed with prompts like truth-or-dare questions and stunning illustrations. Players attempted to carefully extract blocks without toppling the tower while drinking and daring friends to join the escalating wickedness.

What began as a drunken stack of cans was now an outrageous, endlessly gameplay drinking game triumph bottling the spirit of wild game nights.


New Drinking Game Versions

Get creative by developing entirely new drinking game versions of popular board games. For example, a drinking game version of Truth or Dare with a special twist on the innovation of the assignments. They are starting with the first creation of the MadWish collection, a pack of cards where people can access funny and simple assignments. Later on, the collection expanded with the MadWish Pro, a board game with increased assignments for Truth, Dare, and group assignments.


Mad Party Games’s success with the MadWish launch quickly started to specialize and create multiple versions of the MadWish concept to prepare it for various occasions.

The company launched 3 new variations of the drinking game: MadWish Girls Edition specially prepared for a girl's night out, MadWish Summer Edition, and MadWish Hen Party with specific features and gameplay.

Safety and Moderation Tips

While drinking games can add excitement, it's essential to prioritize safety and moderation. Provide tips for pacing drinks, staying hydrated, and knowing personal limits. This is a reminder for our readers, that drinking games should be enjoyed responsibly and never pressure anyone to consume more than they're comfortable with.

Suppose you find yourself in a position where alcohol is influencing your life, people telling you that you should search for some help, or just not feeling good anymore. In that case, we recommend visiting the international alcohol anonyms for English help services or for Dutch help.

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